The Best Acana Dog Foods You Need To Know Before Buying

Are you shopping for a high quality and trustworthy dog food brand? Then you might want to give Acana dog food products a second look. Acana is a highly reputable company with more than 25 years of experience in creating fresh and nutritious dog food.


What Is Acana?

Acana is a dog food brand that has a solid track record for more than 25 years. It is one of the two brands manufactured by Champion Petfoods, a firm based in Alberta, Canada. You can learn more about Champion Petfoods by watching this short YouTube video. 

The brand is known for the use of fresh and high-quality ingredients sourced from various locations in Canada and the United States. The company takes pride in cooking its dog foods in their own kitchens, allowing it to control facets of food production such as ingredient sourcing, recipe development and food safety.

Acana has three different product lines: classics, regionals and singles.




Acana dog foods under the classics product line contain 55 to 65 percent meat with fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from Canada. There are 10 products under the Classics product line including Acana puppy food, Acana Adult Small Breed and Acana Adult Large Breed.

The regionals product line contains the highest meat appropriation at up to 65 percent. The dog foods under this product line are low in carbohydrates and grain-free.

Finally, the singles category contains 45 to 50 percent meat ingredients grown locally. Dog foods under this product line are free from glycemic grains such as rice and corn.

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog With Acana?

Acana dog foods are known for being rich in protein, vitamins and minerals while being devoid of inappropriate ingredients found in most dog food products today.

Acana’s canine food products have up to 75 percent more meat compared to conventional dog foods. These products are also free of pea protein concentrates, potato and gluten. With Acana canine food, you can nourish your pet with protein and fat which their bodies are naturally predisposed to digest. 

The proteins used in Acana dog foods are sourced from naturally raised poultry, fish and lamb. These protein sources are free from whole bone. There’s also enough moisture in the meat used in Acana dog foods. In fact, the firm says the meat can be consumed by humans, too.

Aside from increased protein content in its food products, Acana is also known for limiting carbohydrates in their various dog foods. Their approach to dog food product is far from what other dog food makers are doing - stuffing canine food with ingredients rich in carbohydrates that can cause dog obesity. High carbohydrates in dog foods has also been found to cause depletion of essential vitamins like B vitamins and vitamin C in canines.

Acana uses low-glycemic vegetables and fruits like butternut squash and whole pumpkins in their dog foods. These ingredients get to the blood stream slowly to promote stable blood glucose levels and thereby lessening the risks of fat storage and obesity. The firm also incorporates fruits like apples and pears to supplement vitamins A and C as well as fiber in their various dog food products.

How To Choose The Best Acana Dog Food

In choosing the best Acana dog food for your pet, you have to consider certain factors such as:

Complete Nutrition

As mentioned earlier, dogs need to eat more protein and less carbohydrates. Thus, look for dog foods which contain meat-based protein sources. Vitamins and minerals, on the other hand, may be derived from fruits, vegetables and other plant-based ingredients.

You should also avoid filler and harmful ingredients such as ground corn which is high in carbohydrates. Aside from potentially causing obesity in dogs, ground corn is difficult for canines to digest.

Dog’s Life Stage/Age

Dogs need to get the right balance of protein, fats and fiber according to the phase of life they are in. For instance, puppies need a more protein and fat for their bone and joint development. Adults, meanwhile, need protein and fats to sustain their energy levels. Highly-active dogs need more protein and fat, too, to maintain their weight and body conditioning. Meanwhile, seniors need lower protein and fat and high fiber for proper weight management.

Dry food
or Wet food

While both types have their advantages, dry food is considered slightly better. It not only has lower fat content that helps prevent obesity but also promotes good dental hygiene. It is also more practical because it is easier to store and measure. Digesting dry food also results to firm stool.

Canned wet foods, on the other hand, are recommended to dogs in need of more fat in their diets. As points out, it is also good for dogs who are reluctant to drink water. These are typically richer in protein although too much wet foods can also result to dogs gaining weight.

Top Five Acana Dog Food Products

Containing 60% meat protein, this dry food is also packed in vitamins and minerals.

It contains high-protein ingredients like deboned chicken, chicken giblets and chicken fat. All meat used in this dog food are safe enough for human consumption. These ingredients are naturally sourced from free-run farms in Kentucky and Ohio.

Aside from the muscle meat providing protein to the dog food, the inclusion of liver and kidney makes the product rich in vitamins and minerals. Calcium and phosphorus, meanwhile, are sourced from the bones and cartilage.

The other 40% of this dog food are plant based ingredients like fruits, vegetables and botanicals. It is free, too, of grains and synthetic ingredients. It comes in chicken and turkey flavor which makes it very appetizing for most canines.


  • check
    It is completely grain-free and easy to digest
  • check
    It is rich in protein
  • check
    The dog food is satisfying for most canines
  • check
    The product is appropriate for dogs of all ages


  • It is a bit expensive

Unlike the dog food that precedes it, this one contains an equal distribution of protein-based meat and fruits, vegetables and other botanicals.

Protein comes from ingredients like wild caught fish and duck meat while vitamins and minerals come from fruits and vegetables like butternut squash, Bartlett pears and other veggies grown locally in Kentucky.

This dog food is also good for sensitive canines. If your pet has allergies stemming from the consumption of other dog foods, you can try this dry dog food. Even pets who have poor appetite will likely eat this dog food as it has been filled with duck liver that makes it more palatable even for fussy canines.


  • check
    It is ideal for allergy-prone dogs
  • check
    This product is palatable even for fussy dogs
  • check
    It is packed in proteins and botanicals
  • check
    The food helps improve shine of dog coats


  • Some pet owners find it too greasy
  • A bit expensive

Another top-rated canine food from Acana, Heritage Meats contains up to 60% red meat which is up to two times more than other specialty dog foods. Half of the meat in this product is freshly sourced while the other half is dried to provide nourishing animal protein.

This dry dog food lists chicken and turkey as the main sources of protein although it also has chicken meal, beans and red lentils.

There are also fruits and vegetables included in this product such as pinto beans and green peas to provide vitamins, minerals and fiber. However, the amount of fruits and vegetables infused in this dry dog food is lower compared to the previous two Acana dog food products.


  • check
    High in protein, vitamins and minerals
  • check
    It is completely grain-free
  • check
    Low in carbohydrates
  • check
    It is suitable for all dog breeds
  • check
    Comes in easy-to-store resealable bags


  • It is a bit pricey
  • Flavor may not suit younger dogs

This is another single-protein dog food from Acana. It has ingredients like deboned lamb, liver, lamb fat, cartilage, kidney and lamb meat, among others. The lamb meat is slightly fatty yet can easily be digested by dogs, making it a more digestible ingredient than beef and pork. Aside from being a good source of protein, the lamb meat enhances the flavor of the dog food and thus canines will enjoy eating it.

This dog food also includes vegetables like chickpeas, mustard greens pumpkin and collard greens, among others. It also has red apple which further improves the taste.

Fussy dogs will benefit from eating this food as they can regain their appetite and energy. It can also make the dog more regular.


  • check
    It is grain-free
  • check
    This dog food ideal for all dog breeds
  • check
    It is made of high quality ingredients like lamb and red apples
  • check
    This product suitable for canines with sensitive stomach


  • It is a bit expensive
  • This may cause vomiting or upset stomach in some dog

This dry dog food is also highly recommended for fussy dogs. It is made from locally grown ingredients like fish and meat. It is rich in protein - about 70% of it has the nutrient essential to the growth of dogs.

Aside from being packed in protein, this dry dog food is also rich in other essential nutrients like calcium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids that can help in the bone and muscle development of canines.

This food is also beneficial to dogs who are suffering from upset stomach and vomiting. Many pet owners who have used this dry dog food profess that their canines got better after eating it.


  • check
    It is high in protein
  • check
    The product helps improve coat texture
  • check
    This food can aid digestion of canines
  • check
    Flavor is palatable for most dogs


  • It has a higher cost compared to other competing brands/products
  • The canine food is slightly greasy


While all Acana dog food products are highly recommended, the Acana Heritage Free Run Poultry Formula is our pick for the best dog food today. 

With a good combination of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber, this product stands out because it is satisfying for most canines. It is also appropriate for dogs regardless of their age. Moreover, it is completely grain-free.

Still, you can’t go wrong with Acana dog food products. Acana may be considered a high-end brand yet you can be assured that you are feeding your pet with high-quality stuff when you buy Acana dog food.

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