The Signs Of Allergic Reaction To Kibble Brands

What our dogs eat reflects their life in every way. While some foods may be top shelf, they can also cause allergic reaction and other allergy-related problems that will greatly hinder their health if they are not dealt with. Learning the signs of allergic reactions is the first step.

Kibble diets are extremely unhealthy for dogs. To them, they are a very unnatural, unhealthy source of food that can cause major health problems. If your dog is on a kibble diet and you notice even one of the following signs and symptoms listed below, she could be in danger of having an extreme allergic reaction.


The First Major Sign

If your dog is a natural whirlwind who is always bringing you a toy, loves to run, and is an all-around happy dog, but lately has been sluggish and very unlike herself, it may very well be a food allergy.

What most owners do not realize, is that their food affects everything else in their lives. You will easily notice the differences in a dog that eats only raw food compared to a dog on a kibble-only diet.

The first major sign of an allergic reaction to kibble brands is, unfortunately, a large switch in their personality. This personality change will usually be one of the first signs that you notice, if not right away.

Obsessing Over Their Skin And Paws

skin & paw & allergies

Skin inflammation is also a major sign of allergies to a brand of kibble. If you’ve noticed that your dog has been rubbing their ears and face with their paws or on the floor, constantly scratching themselves all over the place, and licking and/or chewing their paws, they’ve got an allergy.

Skin inflammation starts as a minor symptom, but unless it’s treated properly, it can become a very serious risk to a dog’s health. Skin inflammation can lead to hot spots, anal gland infections, superficial bacterial infections, repeat ear infections, and other serious secondary problems.

Licking the Carpet And Furniture

licking - a sign of allergies

If you’ve recently noticed that your dog has begun to lick the carpet, your couch, or anything covered in fabric, this is another sign of a food-related allergy. Constantly licking the floor and the couch is a sign that your dog has an upset stomach.

While this sign may not be directly related to a food allergy overall, it is a very common sign that she is having a reaction to the food. Even if it’s related to something else, seeing your dog constantly lick the carpet is still a sign that something is wrong.

Facial Swelling, Hives, And Diarrhea

These two signs are not difficult to spot. Facial swelling and hives are symptoms of a full blown allergic reaction and they typically happen very fast. These two major allergy signs can range from them eating a certain brand of kibble to getting into the garbage. Diarrhea has the same effect, as well.

The Most Common Kibble Brands That Cause Allergies

Some of the brands that are dangerous to feed your dog

If you absolutely have to feed your dog kibble, you should at least be staying away from the brands that are known to cause allergies and allergy-related complications. Some of the brands that are actually incredibly dangerous to feed your dog are some of the most popular, renown brands currently on the shelves.

If you are feeding your dog any of the brands of kibble that are listed below, stop immediately and seek another alternative for their diet or ask a vet for advice:



Pedigree Adult

Purina Pro Plan

Boots & Barkley

Hill’s Science Diet

Purina ALPO

Purina Veterinary Diets


IAMS ProActive

Purina Beneful Original

Retriever Hi Protein

Chef Michaels Pate

Kal Kan

Purina Dog Chow

Retriever Mini Chunk

DAD’S Econ-o-Mets

Kibbles ‘n Bits

Purina Moist & Meaty Burger

Twin Pet

Diamond Premium

Ol Roy Complete Nutrition

Purina One Smart Blend

These are only a handful of the most harmful brands of dog food you could ever give your dog. Not only do they bring on allergy-related complications, but these brands are horrendous for a dog’s diet in general. If you see your dog’s brand on the list, then it’s definitely time to make a serious change.

The Best Solution For Allergy-Related Complications In Dogs

As a pet parent who loves your four-legged fur baby, you’ll do anything to keep them healthy so they can live a long life. However, if you’re feeding them a diet that is only kibble, you’re hurting them more than you know.

If you’ve never heard of an all-natural, raw diet before, later is better than never. Feeding your dog a raw diet that consists of only what they need, instead of meat meal and the inexpensive fillers found in dry food brands, is the best thing that you could ever do.

Instead of running in a constant circle switching food brands and being prescribed a horrendous veterinary kibble brand, feed your dog a raw food diet. You will never have to worry about allergies, poor health, and even death as a result of recalled dog food ever again.

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