Which Is The Best Allergy Medicine For Dogs?

Did you know that pets have allergies ? When someone talks about allergies, one’s mind quickly jumps to human-relatedd allergies. To further the subject of allergies, we will look at allergies in the domestic pet entitled man’s best friend: the dog.

A dog as a living creature is prone to environmental triggers just as you and me, and thus they exhibit similar reactions as we do. Normally, as pet owners, we don’t see it as such a big deal if our pets exhibit a change in appearance or start behaving weirdly.


However, this can end up damaging your pet dog. You should be able to pay attention to your dog enough to notice any allergies it may have, and to know which allergy medicine for dogs you should get.

To a canine, allergens can be uncertain when inhaled, ingested or if the allergens come in contact with the dog’s skin or fur. Its body will try to free itself of the substance and the overreaction of the dog’s immune system will cause some symptoms to appear.

What Are The General Symptoms Of Allergies In Dogs?

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Itchy, red or scabbed skin, increased scratching, red eyes, ear infections,diarrhea, vomiting, swollen paws and constant licking just to name a few. Likely, the question strolling in your mind now is “what is the best allergy medicine for dogs?” I will get to that in a minute.

First, you must know what your canine companion is allergic to. According to research, some of the allergens include fleas (obviously), dust, mould, flower and weed pollen, some cleaning products and insecticidal shampoo or conditioner just to name a few.

How Can Dog Allergies Be Treated?

The first step you should take in treating a dog allergy is to identify the allergen in the environment around the dog and remove it. This should bring a certain level of peace for you and your companion.

The follow-up step is to examine the canine and see or feel the extent of damage the allergen has imposed it. Once you’ve gotten a good sense of the damage, you can decide on the best course of action to take. If removing the allergen was enough with no harm, then well and good for the creature. You can pop over "Excel Allergy Relief" if the allergic reactions did some harm.

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If the problem is a tick infestation, try running a flea control program where you restrict the movement of the canine. If the canine’s skin is affected in any way, be it redness or scabbed skin then you can decide to either pay a visit to the vet for assistance or if you fancy home remedies I’d recommend this site.

Which Is the Best Allergy Medicine for Dogs?

Since some of the allergens are naturally occurring and cannot be removed from the environment the best solution is to go to the vet to obtain a prescription that will reduce your companion’s reaction to the allergens. There is a range of natural products available in the market to correct the dog’s immune system so that eliminate the actual cause of the problem.

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For airborne allergens like spores and pollen your dog will benefit more from an antihistamine injection like Benadryl and this will help the dog to develop a certain level of resistance or tolerance to the allergen. If your dog inhales airborne allergens, chronic exposure to them can cause bronchitis to the dog.

If you own a dog and its allergies get severe, you can resort to cortisone to control the allergy. However, these drugs are extremely powerful and as such, you should use with caution and only under the guidance of a licensed vet.

In case your dog experiences allergies that have not been discussed above and we have not discussed the best medicine for it then it is wise to pay a visit to the vet for assistance. Remember to deworm your canine regularly for its own good and treat it like your little precious baby.

Final Thought

If you have an allergy and own a dog, know that the two of you have one more thing to bond about. It is important for you to be observant of your pet canine and in case it exhibits any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above, be kind enough to provide it with the appropriate relief.

As we all know, prevention is the best treatment for allergies. Be aware of your dog’s surrounding and in so doing, you will prevent any such occurrence. In the event that the poor creature gets sick due to allergies, take it to the vet and do to it as you would your small sibling: get it medication, monitor its recovery, and show it special attention and lots of love and care.

Now you already know the best medicine for your dog, don’t let your canine buddy suffer. If you still have more unanswered questions in this article, leave it in the comment section below and we shall give you the answer you need.






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