Is The American Bulldog Puppy Your Perfect Companion?

Is The American Bulldog Puppy Your Perfect Companion?

Searching for a perfect companion is an interesting and thrilling process. Knowing more about the particular dog breed is the perfect way to understand if this is what you want. As you gain deeper understanding and the little details of your furry friend, the connection between you two starts developing. That is exactly when you can give a shout out and say “Yes, this is the perfect chemistry which I was looking for!”


Amongst the many choices available to pet owners, dogs are one of the most favored and loyal animals who just need love and affection! Who doesn’t! In this journey of finding the best matched pet, an American Bulldog puppy can be just the right fit to bring home! Read on to find out how.

Getting To Know The American Bulldog

Physical Characteristics

A sturdy, solidly built dog with a muscular physique, the American Bulldog puppy is a lovable dog indeed! Its coat is smooth and easy to maintain and sheds very mildly. They are said to be descendants of the Mastiffs and the English Bulldogs in North America and can now be found all across the world. In history, they were commonly used in the sport of hunting small animals and for security in farms and ranches.

The colors of the American Bulldog are varied with patterns of black, white, brown and shades of fawn too. You may note that black patches occurring on the face are prevalent along with the many shades and patches of color intermingling on the American Bulldog puppy’s physique.

The American Bulldog puppy has its origins in the country of United States of America. It has an average life expectancy of 12-16 years and the common litter size is 11 puppies. You can note that their eyes are very remarkable and come in many different colors as per the diverse breeding which takes place in different geographies.

The male of the breed is heavy boned and more burly than the more sleekly female Bulldogs. The breed is generally extremely agile and has the athletic prowess to leap up higher than 5 feet into the air due to their muscular build. They also have a huge head with thickset and strong jaws.

The body structure of the adult male American Bulldog is normally from 22-28 inches while the adult females range from 20-26 inches. The adult males weigh somewhere between 70-120 pounds while the adult females weigh 60-100 pounds.

Emotional Characteristics

The characteristics of the American Bulldog puppy are primarily his stamina and intelligence along with capabilities to protect humans and small animals. These favorable characteristics lend them very amenable to training and learning new things and activities.

Inside the houses and apartments, the American Bulldog tends to be relatively quiet and less active then what they are when outdoors.

In terms of temperament, the American Bulldog is a quick learner and can master many tricks and actions quickly. They are loyal and reliable by nature and very protective of their owners and their families. It is important to make them socialize with other breeds of dogs since their puppy ages to make the friendly and social.

This makes them the perfect household companions to little children and senior people too.

Activity And Diet Requirements

American Bulldogs need their daily walk and exercise without which they tend to become reserved and slow. A good 30 minute daily walk keeps them active, healthy and takes care of their emotional side as well. They bond and socialize well when they are regularly active and know their environment.

Due to their heavy activity and vigorous movements, they need a heavy duty diet built for their specific needs and lifestyle. Meat is recommended as a protein in their dog foods apart from components of 30% crude protein and at least 18-20% crude fat. Fiber is needed for aiding their digestion too with a minimum of 3% recommended as part of their daily diet.

Training Needs

Training an American Bulldog takes patience and time. They are generally suited for people who have previously been dog owners before having the American Bulldog puppy. Regular practice and outdoor training are recommended with treats and incentives thrown into the deal.

It is advisable to bring home the American Bulldog as a puppy and not as a fully grown adult dog, especially if there are other dogs in the home. Take care to be careful round cats as American Bulldogs love to chase them around.

Households with ample space or a yard are suitable for having American Bulldogs as pets. Apartment dwellers can take on American Bulldog as a pet but will have to be mindful of their need for consistent outdoor activity and exercise needed.

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