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Why Are Organic Dog Treats Good For Your Dog?

Why choose organic dog treats? Does your dog have tummy issues or food allergies? Perhaps you just want to provide your dog with a nutritious treat option?

Whatever reason you have, the choice to give your dog organic dog treats is a good one. Dogs are not just pets, they are members of the family and they deserve the best. Here is what you should know when buying organic dog treats.

What Is A Self-Service Dog Wash? What You Should Know

What is a self-service dog wash? Does your dog tend to make a huge mess when bathing? Or maybe you don't have the tools you need to properly groom your dog. Either way, a self-service dog was may be of great use to you.

A self-service dog wash is a facility in which you bring your dog and bath him using professional grooming tools. I decided to write a quick summary of why I love self-service dog washes and why you should too.

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car – Fast & Easy Solutions

Do you and your dog take frequent car rides together? If so, you’ve probably been often faced with the question of how to get dog hair out of car. My dog has very thick and long hair. Trying to remove it from my car used to be a constant battle.

Over time your dog's hair can be worked into the seats, making it very difficult to remove as I'm sure you've realized. Don't worry; there are simple ways to remove dog hair from your car as well as preventative measures.

​No need to cut back on you and your doggy's joy rides.