Reviews Of 5 Best Automatic Dog Feeder That Will Blow Your Mind

Our dogs are our own family members, so what goes on when you are not at home to take care of them? We have all had unseen circumstances or busy days that have intended we will not at home to take care of our dogs; it is stressful, you can feel awful and the canine eyes you see whenever you walk via the door do not help either.

Currently, technology provides us with a particular solution, therefore, we do not need to beat up ourselves while we get trapped in the traffic or even get trapped at office - the best automatic dog feeder.


What Is An Automatic Dog Feeder?

The best automatic elevated dog feeder is ideal for the pet masters who are busy, disabled, and elderly or simply want to very easily restrict and monitor the eating habits of their pets. There are a number of automated dog feeders on the market and they differ from the easier "gravity" feeders to the "electronic" feeders which work using pre-programming and timers. 

There are a great number of different types of feeders providing various options that it may be hard to figure out which one is the top automatic dog feeder designed for your dog. That is why we've created this particular review post to help you find the benefits and drawbacks of every feeder, best affordability and, in the end, the feeder suitable to the requirements of your pooch and you.​

Why Use An Automatic Dog Feeder? When Are They Useful?

You will find many reasons explaining why may choose to make use of the automatic dog-feeder:

  • The owners' ability or health may make the feeding time tougher
  • The owners’ routine may mean that they are quite often away from home.
  • Some individuals may choose to make use of an "automatic" dog feeder just as an immediate solution when they're out and about for a few days.
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    Also, an electronic "automatic-feeder" will help with stricter schedules and portion control.

What Types Of Automatic Dog Feeder Exist?

Actually, two kinds of automatic feeders for dog are out there in marketplace for example best electronic dog feeder and gravity dog feeder.

  • The electronic pet feeder is definitely the most popular device which helps to manage how much the canine to eat.
  • Gravity feeder also is innovative to run. It is best to use for your dogs and you don't need to worry even a little bit.

What Are The Advantages/Disadvantages Of This Type Of Product?

Advantages Of The Automatic Feeders

  • The canine will have easy access to the food no matter where you're
  • Scheduled feeding and portion control with the electronic feeders assists medical conditions and manage weight
  • Easy solution to exactly what might be a tense situation (being helpless to reach home timely for the feeding schedule of your dog)
  • Less cleaning up and mess to do, almost everything is included in the feeder
  • Also, you can easily leave most of the feeders outside devoid of worrying that food can be damaged or even eaten by the pests

Disadvantages Of The Automatic Dog Feeders

  • Potentials for the less owner - dog bonding, training, and interaction
  • The possibility of an "electronic-feeder" malfunctioning as well as your dog lacking a meal, similarly if the batteries die or power goes your pet can miss meals
  • In case you have several pets then it is hard to observe and ensure that all the dogs are consuming their meals properly
  • Gravity feeders provide unhindered food access that can cause difficulties

Things To Look For In The Best Automatic Dog Feeder

  • Has scheduling options
  • Easy and durable to clean structure
  • Simple to use the programming system
  • Flexible feeding speed in case your dog tends to eat very fast
  • Has portion control simply to suit the eating habits of your dog

How To Choose The Right Automatic Feeder For Your Dog?

Consider the following things before you choose the best one:

  • What "portion-size" does the dog need and when?
  • Do I need to feed inside or outside?
  • Do I need to use wet food or dry food in the device?
  • Flexible feeding speed in case your dog tends to eat very fast
  • Additional features for example: App/Wi-Fi connectivity / Audio functions / Camera 

The exact answers to all these questions can assist you to narrow the selection process down and pick the perfect feeder for your dog and you. We'd lean much more towards the automatic feeders compared to gravity feeders because of the best control you will have over the feeding times and portion sizes as well as increased capacity to keep foods fresh and free from ant.

Reviews Of The 5 Best Automatic Dog Feeders

This PetSafe Pet Healthy Feed Automatic Feeder is fully a battery powered, customizable feeder which is designed for - small to medium sized canines. This particular feeder is more costly than most however allows you complete control over the meal times of your dog.

It has flexible serving size in between 1/8 to 4 cups for each feed. The schedule is approximately 12 feeds every day. It can slow down the speed of feeding so the food is dispensed within 15 minutes instead of all at one time.

It includes a handy "anti-jam" system to ensure that the food does not get stuck while it is dispensed.On the other hand, the settings will be simple to change as well as you may feed immediately or pause feeds without ruining the established schedule. Regardless of where you're, you will be confident that your dog is being given the proper quantity at the appropriate time.

Not to mention, this feeder features a smooth design which would fit any house and it includes a steel bowl that is often desired over the plastic bowls. Having a lot of control, the PetSafe feeder can be the ideal automatic feeder for your dog with timer available on the marketplace. This is the best-timed dog feeder as well.


  • Offers slow feeding option
  • Has portion control system
  • A variety of customization accessible


  • A little bit pricier compared to other options

Arf Pets Dog Feeder lets you to put a customized voice call therefore whenever the food will be dispensed your canine can easily hear you calling them for food.

It is definitely an excellent feature which helps to maintain the bond between your dog and you even if you cannot be there. Additionally, it gives you additional secure feeling that your canine will understand when their food will be dispensed and visit the device.

The lid locks magnetically so your cheeky, inquisitive fur kids cannot get in as well as steal snacks. It has an LCD display which is simple to read and utilize making altering the settings easy. This unique system can easily be run using the batteries or even by plugging this into mains giving extra versatility.


  • Simple to clean
  • Simple to use screen and smart look
  • Uncomplicated customizable settings
  • The customized voice recording system to call the dogs


  • In case bowl had any slight tilt then the food will "slide-down" to front side instead of staying directly under dispenser and this would be simpler for the dog to consume the pellets

This LITTLE GIANT Steel Galvanized Chow Hound Automatic Dog Feeder is made to be durable and robust which is superb if your canine is usually a chewing lover and destroys almost everything that's manufactured from plastic. Not to mention, this feeder lets your canine to eat anytime but first of all, you have to train them on getting into the feeder.

This automatic feeder provides an incredible solution in case you desire your canine to have the ability to consume whenever they're hungry however leaving the food leads to pests out and even ruins the food. This automatic feeder is actually the best value for your money and is designed to last a long time.

Additionally, you can leave this automated dog feeder outside the house. We also love this as your canine needs to put some effort in for getting the food that makes it more unlikely for dogs to consume with regard to eating just like they might do if food is simply left for them out. The size and strength of this particular feeder put this in running as a best-automated dog feeder intended for the large dogs.


  • Prevents pests
  • Durable design
  • Keeps the food fresh


  • Doesn't have any portion control

This AmazonBasics Gravity Self-Dispensing Pet Waterer and Feeder provides a simple formula that assists you to ensure that your 4-legged buddy has water and food available during the day. Its basic design offers you an affordable way to offer your canine access to the food even if you are busy. It is one of the best feeders in this automatic "dog-feeder" review as well as is different slightly to the majority of feeders we've looked at because it works utilizing gravity instead of electronics.

On the other hand, the gravity strategy ensures the availability of water and food is consistent, even though you must consider if your canine would make the most of this particular system and even overindulge (my canine would - I know!). This automated dog waterer and feeder is cleaned effortlessly and its handle feature tends to make it even simpler to get and maneuver around.

We have all watched the dogs pushing bowls around while they eat however that is prevented with this particular feeder's rubber feet which help keep this steady when the dog is searching in. A few dogs may find this frustrating to notice the food yet not get this; therefore, more boisterous dogs may walk out their way for pushing these dog feeders over to attempt to beat this system.


  • Affordable solution
  • Simple to fill & clean


  • Unhindered food access

A little more reasonably priced, WESTLINK Automatic Dog Feeder for Dog with Timer and Voice Recorder Programmable still tends to pack a punch. Not forgetting, this particular dog feeder offers an integrated speaker and voice recorder. You can easily record 10 secs of your own voice for calling your pets to their foods - perfect for dogs that have a tendency to rest through the meal times.

This feeder is actually pre-programmable as much as 4 meals every day. Each meal will dispense 1 to 39 portions for each serving with every portion weighing approximately 10 -12 grams.

On the other hand, the hopper can hold 6 liters of the food in "air-tight" container which features a recessed "spring-latch" therefore pets can't get inside. This system additionally offers an "infrared" sensor which stops the unit from dispensing if food is left in bowl still. It keeps typically the system from overflowing or jamming.

Reviewers really like how simple this is to clean, set up and program. Additionally, they love the smooth design and the durable battery life.


  • 6-liters capacity
  • 10 seconds voice recorder
  • Programmable for approximately 4 meals every day, 1to 39 servings of 10 to 12-grams each
  • Has infrared sensor for stopping the unit from dispensing whenever there's food remaining in bowl


  • It is a little bit pricier


Last but not the least, if you're will be away from home for a week or more and desire to keep the dog hydrated and nourished devoid of fussing over the meal timings or portion sizes, then the automatic dog feeders can be your best option.

The winner of this round-up review is PetSafe Pet Healthy Feed Automatic Feeder. It is an affordable one and perfect to look after your dogs whenever you are out of your home. 

However, you can make your own choice. We suggest you to keep all the important things in mind before you buy one. These are actually the 5 bestselling automatic dog feeders available in the marketplace currently.

We've selected these based on the excellent features, the simplicity of use as well as numerous positive reviews which they've received. Hopefully, this will help you make the best choice and pick one which is most suitable for your dog.

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