5 Best Dog Nail Grinder Reviews You Need To Check Out!

Trimming the nails of your dog is a vital part of grooming schedule and this process can be a lot less "dramatic" if the owner, you, understands how to manage the task properly. Best dog nail grinder is here to help you.

Many dogs are not keen on having the nails trimmed, whereas others tolerate this well and even have been reinforced positively to enjoy this!


Below, we have provided you with 5 best dog nail grinder that you can easily use as the main trimming device or even as file intended for the rough edges in case you prefer the clippers.

In this post, our suggestions and tips assist you to understand appropriate nail care simply for your canine and also how to easily approach them having a grinder in case it is their first-time experience.

What Is A Dog Nail Grinder?

A "dog nail grinder" is actually an electric device that can easily be utilized to grind the nails of your dog back to prevent them from getting overgrown. This is a substitute for trimming as well as is popular as it is easier, safer and more efficient. It uses the grinding heads, much like sandpaper that are rotated at speed for grinding away little layers of the nail.​

Pros And Cons Of Using A Dog Nail Grinder

The nail grinder devices for dog are becoming extremely popular these days. Many vet doctors and dog owners suggesting and preferring nail grinders intended for soft nails of dog.


  • The nail grinder decreases the pressure of cutting nerves of dogs or even some other pet. Therefore, there's no possibility of too much bleeding.
  • Since the grinder will make the "nail-tip" smooth, truly there can be the minimal chance of scratching.
  • Simply because of the smart design and compact size, you can easily take and use the grinder everywhere in your factory, house, as well as in garden.
  • While it grinds dog's nails, you will find fewer possibilities of discomfort and pain.


  • Not to mention, the noise of nail grinder can frighten the dogs as it tends to emit a sharp sound while grinding dog's nails.
  • In case nail grinder doesn't have a cap for safety, then it may possibly trim dog’s cuticle.
  • You have to change the nail grinder right after using this for a while. It cannot last a long time.

When To Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

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How often you'll need to trim the dog’s nails is dependent on your canine. The level of the nail growth versus the quantity of the natural wear differs from canine to canine. So as to figure out when to cut the nails of your dog, look to find out if they tend to contact the floor whenever your canine is standing. If that's the case, then it is time for you to trim his nails. Most dogs need a "nail trim" every 4 to 6 weeks.

The Most Important Features To Look For

Listed below are a number of important things to take into account:

Color Of The Dog’s Nail

It is simpler to trim whenever the nails of the dog are clear. It allows the individual grinding to notice the quick of nail or even area in the back of nail that is actually full of nerves and blood vessels. When dogs possess dark toenails, it is much tougher to tell just where the "quick" is actually because you cannot see this.

The Dew Claws

Do not forget about dew claws! They are very significant, as they will help the canine to grip the things and also climb the slippery places. Use caution NOT to have the grinder very close to the fur. This might tangle, leading to your dog discomfort and most likely instill sufficient anxiety in them that you will not manage to use grinder anymore.


Previously abused dogs or perhaps strays which are already rescued can highly be sensitive to specific noises, objects, places, and people. It may be a great thought to have a visit with your dog to dog specialist and assess if utilizing the "nail-grinder" is practical.

How To Grind Your Dog’s Nails With A Nail Grinder?

Before you decide to get the grinding, have the insight into the way to grind the nails of your dog effectively and efficiently.

  • Introduce your canine to grinder in little increments (with lots of treats as well as praise at each step)
  • Then, show your canine the grinder as well as give a treat (like some yummy, stinky treats). Place the treats close to the grinder (whenever it is off) for getting the dog smelling and even close to grinder
  • After that, hold grinder in the hand and swiftly turn this off and on, followed by the rewards. You are getting your canine accustomed to the audio of grinder that may be somewhat scary for dogs at first
  • Finally, turn on the grinder for a long period and then reward. Ultimately, turn on the grinder and tap the nail of your dog and compliment
  • This entire process will not be carried out in a single day - actually, it can take a couple of weeks for getting your dog adjusted. Go gradually and spend some time. The payoff can be worthwhile when you will grind down the nails of your dog without stress!

Reviews Of 5 Best Dog Nail Grinder

If you inquire most of the reviewers on Amazon on exactly what's the best dog toenail grinder these days, then they will speak about to this particular item.

This cordless nail grinder for dogs is probably the top dog nail grinder on Amazon. Happy owners say that it is pretty simple to use, silent, and powerful sufficient to shorten nails of the dogs.

You will find 2-speed settings offered on this particular dog grinder. This dog grinder features a great build. Numerous reviewers say it is simple to hold as well as control. This must make it simpler so that you can shorten the nails of your pet.

This is a dog "nail-grinder" which is simple to use and very convenient. For the beginners, it includes a standard rechargeable battery. On the other hand, you do not have to purchase replacement batteries that means you will save more over time.

Re-charging the batteries takes only 3 hrs. There exists an "LED" light which informs you that its battery is placed correctly into charger for appropriate charging.


  • Good craftsmanship
  • Very simple to utilize and control
  • Extremely quiet during operation


  • There is no indicator for battery-life

This Urpower Dog "Nail-Grinder" is a fairly cool product. However, that is truly taking the marketplace for dog "nail-grinder" by storm featuring its unmatchable features.

Urpower Dog "Nail-Grinder" is ideal for canines as well as many other pets for example hamsters, birds, cats, and rabbits. The battery run Urpower Dog "Nail-Grinder" is perfect for trimming, shaping as well as smoothing tough nails of the pets.

This is quite safe and far better than the dog nail clippers. It is the easiest way to prevent the threat of clipping the claws very short. Also, you can easily hold it as it comes with an ergonomic structure. It has brass shaft, exclusive mute technology, and super silence motor.

Though light in weight, this Urpower Dog "Nail-Grinder" is quite powerful. Therefore, it is perfect for both professional and home grooming needs. This has a sensible design. Its company provides 180 days extended warranty with this product.


  • Light in weight
  • Very comfortable
  • Convenient and safe
  • Perfect for nearly all birds and pet animals
  • Ergonomic design


  • It is underpowered
  • Begins silent, but ends loudly
  • It is not too strong

Hertzko presents its Electric Dog Nail Grinder meant to provide your dogs with a painless and gentle trimming, smoothing, shaping and grooming.

This device is well suited for different pet animals for example cats, rabbits, dogs, etc. Moreover, you can additionally use this for grooming and trimming the nail of the pet birds.

This Electric Dog Nail-Grinder is made with the "diamond" bit grinder. Therefore, it is extremely effective and less dangerous compared to a "nail-clipper". Additionally, you can prevent clipping claws of the pet animals very close in case you use this particular nail grinder.

Medium and small openings can easily be utilized for the medium and small sized canines. If your dog is big, you can easily use large size.

The low vibration and low noise are other distinct qualities of this dog nail grinder. Therefore, you can grind and trim nails of the pets without terrifying them. This Electric Dog Nail-Grinder is standard rechargeable, thus you can utilize and transport this effortlessly.


  • Quite convenient
  • Effective and safe
  • Lightweight and small
  • The cleaning is quite simple


  • Not quite powerful
  • According to others, this is not great for the cost

This unique "nail-grinder" is, in my opinion, the best product there's to shorten the nails of your dog. It is truly quiet therefore it won't upset the dog. This is effective and powerful and works excellent in trimming all those very long nails!

I've never seen an item with a lot of great reviews available on Amazon. Therefore it seems that many individuals agree to the fact with me. However, the one thing which you may not prefer about this item is that it's not "USB" re-chargeable similar to many other dog grinders from my list however it operates on the batteries (rechargeable or alkaline ones).

Therefore you will have to take care of batteries every now and then. But in my experience, this is not a major deal breaker. I really like this product than others.


  • The sanding bands provided
  • 2 reverse and 2 forward speeds
  • Appropriate for large and small dogs
  • A really silent grinder which will not scare the dog


  • May not possibly be the ideal choice for the large dogs
  • It works with the AA Batteries (which are not provided)

This ConairPRO Professional Dog Nail Grinder depends on the corded power instead of batteries. This is both more powerful and quieter compared to similar battery run grinders and will not go out of power midway thru a trim.

Its easy tip attachment will be intuitive to utilize, and also you can easily attach a number of grit bands or grinding stones making it simple to choose the appropriate level of the coarseness for the nails of your dog.

The two problems which keep this ConairPRO Professional Dog Nail Grinder from being perfect are its top motor-speed and safety guard.

In spite of being a "plug-in" product, the motor isn't as effective as it might be, and safety guard doesn't keep the dust away and is more difficult to use compared to other brands.


  • Can easily be utilized with numerous grinding tips
  • Won't "run-out" of power similar to battery run brands
  • Functions effectively for both large and small canines and all types of nails


  • It is not as transportable as battery run grinders
  • The "safety-guard" is less reliable than any other brands


To conclude, "best dog nail grinders" for your dog and you will mostly rely on the size. The smaller canines with smoother nails can take advantage of all the grinders outlined here, but masters of large canines should think about purchasing a more efficient tool even though it costs more.

Overall, the best choice for the most dog masters is Dremel 4.8V 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder.

While this is costly than the Oster, Furminator and some other brands, this Dremel is actually more powerful compared to some other battery-run cordless grinder. It offers a range of "grinding" tips; therefore, you can select the best option when it comes to smoothness and strength for your dog.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to share this post. Also, put your comments below and start a discussion!

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