Reviews Of The 5 Best Puppy Food Brands You Need To Know

What is more interesting than getting home a lovely & new puppy? Very little. Needless to say, you wish to keep the new canine friend happy and healthy for a long time. A significant first phase is choosing the best puppy food for your puppy. Your puppy needs the best nutrition for her or his growing body.

On the other hand, if you have ever searched the puppy food section online at a dog store, you understand how many formulas and brands are available. This can be complicated. How will you choose the best puppy food brands for your pet?

We will here to support! If you are all set to buy, then check out our 5 best puppy food brands listed in this post. To get more on exactly what to consider getting the best puppy foods, keep reading.


What Are The Differences Between Adult Dog And Puppy Food?

Not to mention, puppy food is a "no-marketing" gimmick. It is specially made to fulfill the nutritional requirements of pups, which vary from the adult dogs.

  • The puppy foods are more calorie-loaded than dog foods
  • A growing pup uses a higher quantity of calories compared to an adult canine of the same size.
  • The puppy food offers greater protein content in comparison with food made for the adult dogs, such as bigger amounts of certain amino acids.
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    Additionally, a puppy needs lots of fat to power her or his growth. The puppy food includes a larger portion of fat than adult canine food.
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    As the bones of a puppy are growing quickly, puppy food provides a better concentration of phosphorus and calcium than adult canine food.

What To Search For While Buying Puppy Food?

Size Of The Puppy

Think about the size of the puppy while selecting foods. Large breed of dogs grows slower than smaller breed of dogs, so their dietary requirements are somewhat different.

Not to mention, you can easily purchase large breed pup formulas, which have the proper balance of phosphorus, calcium, and fat to support the growth and assist avoid joint difficulties later in its life.

High-Quality Ingredients

Inexpensive puppy food frequently contains low-quality meat, chemical preservatives, fillers and animal "by-products".

Preferably, select a food for your puppy which includes whole meat-protein, instead of by-products. Stay away from puppy food that contains preservatives, flavorings, and artificial colorings.

Try to find a report of dietary adequacy from AAFCO in product description or on package when purchasing online. Nevertheless, the statement from AAFCO only displays a pup food which meets the minimal nutritional requirements, therefore not all the AAFCO-authorized foods are superior quality.

The Calorie Content

Puppy dogs need lots of calories for supporting their developing bodies. Choose a food for your puppy that is sufficiently calorie-loaded. In case a food claims it has low-calorie or low-fat, it is not good for puppies. However, be careful to feed proper quantity of food to the puppy to ensure that she or he does not become obese. Look for portion and feeding guidelines on packaging.


Most brands offer puppy foods in a variety of formulas and tastes. While the various protein sources - for example, game, turkey or fish - will have somewhat different dietary profiles, your pup will care a lot about the flavor. Some canines are voracious predators and will wolf any food down you put before them, while others tend to be pickier. Here’s a short video for you.

5 Tips On Choosing The Best Puppy Food

  • Make sure to select a ready-made food instead of a mixer. Additionally, a mixer is made to "bulk-up" foods and will not meet the complete nutritional needs for your pup.
  • Many pup foods include added minerals and vitamins. Look for all those which are chelated as it makes them simpler to absorb to a great extent.
  • Take your pup outside for doing his business right after every meal. It will help the young puppies with house teaching.
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    If your pup does not consume all her foods in a single sitting, then the portions are most likely too large. Take away the foods after half an hour, and don’t provide anymore until next meal time.
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    Make an effort to feed the pup at the same time every day to make a routine.

What If The Puppy Leaves Foods In A Bowl, Or Consumes Too Quickly?

ensure puppy a healthy lifestyle with the best puppy food

In case your pup leaves foods behind all the time, consider decreasing the portion of every meal and serving him these small meals more regularly during the day - pups’ small tummies fare much better on frequent, small meals. If you are using wet foods, Dr. Bullen alerts that it must not be kept out for more than 25-35 minutes, as the water produces the perfect atmosphere for microbial development. Dry foods ought to be discarded soon after sitting for half of the day, after that it can be stale.

If the dog consumes too rapidly, it may push them in danger for choking and developing digestive problems.

Consider if she or he has got the history of contest around foods - was their earlier home a jam-packed shelter or even foster home wherever they needed to compete with some other pups to eat? For helping minimize anxiety, attempt moving the food bowl of your dog to a stress -free, quiet space, just where they will not feel vulnerable to "scarf-down" the food.

FAQs On Puppy Foods

  • How Long Must I Feed The Dog Puppy Foods?
  • Your dog companion must eat puppy foods until he grows to approximately 85% of his complete adult size. It is about 12 months for most canines, but this may be lengthier for large breeds.
  • Should I Serve Dry Food Or Wet Food To My Puppy?
  • It is your decision. Many people choose dry food due to its higher protein content as well as good value. Other people choose wet food because it looks more palatable. In case you need the greatest of both the worlds, then mix dry and wet foods together for every meal.
  • How Often Per Day Should The Puppy Eat?
  • You must feed your pup 3 times per day for his primary 6 months. Your pup has a little abdomen at this time and must eat often and little. After 6 months, feed your puppy two times each day: in the morning as well as in the evening.

5 Best Puppy Food Brands Review

Diamond Naturals creates all their puppy foods with a mixture of holistic, complete nutrition ingredients. Not to mention, they include blueberries, pumpkin, chia seed, kale, and super-foods. These fresh elements are a supply of proteins, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants needed for keeping your Golden-doodle healthy and happy.

This beef flavoring puppy food is manufactured with natural, real beef meal as well as boosted with flaxseed, rice, and egg. The beef taste entices your canine to consume and love this particular healthy, natural food!

  • No fillers, wheat or corn
  • Manufactured with real "Pasture-Raised" beef
  • thumbs-o-up
    Includes no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • thumbs-o-up
    Manufactured with the scientifically superior food safety standards
  • thumbs-o-up
    Consists of natural antioxidants; the fatty acid mix for a nutritious coat and skin

  • A few customers' puppies got diarrhea after eating this food

Hill’s Science-Diet puppy food is an excellent product for folks that have large breed puppies. This puppy food is thoroughly balanced to fulfill the nutritional needs of the large breed puppies. The prime ingredients are whole grains and chicken for the feed which is not just healthy but also tastes great.

The stability of minerals and vitamins, along with carbohydrates and fat will not just ensure a nutritious dog, but this will also offer them with required energy to remain active. This puppy food is additionally designed to safeguard the joints of the pet, maintain the wellness of their defense mechanisms and keep the digestive tract regular. Having all the natural ingredients as well as balance of nutrition, it is a puppy food which will treat the pets properly.

  • Completely balanced and regulated diet for the puppy
  • Created from genuine ingredients with no superficial flavoring
  • thumbs-o-up
    18% fewer calories compared to other products from Hill's Science
  • thumbs-o-up
    Includes a blend of Vitamin E & C along with provisional antioxidants which are needed to boost growth and total health of the puppy

  • Kibbles are larger
  • thumbs-o-down
    Texture is considerably hard as well as may require softening with other liquids or water
  • thumbs-o-down
    Contains soya-bean oil, corn and gluten, therefore, you may need to pay attention to allergies

These small dry kibbles are not just simple to consume and digest, however they are jam filled with organic and mainly locally sourced substances which you can easily trust, such as rice and tasty deboned turkey. As you most likely know, artificial preservatives, fillers and meat "by-products" can be extremely harmful to the health of your puppy, that is why it is so good to learn that this puppy food does not include any of these nasties and exactly what you notice on the labeling is genuinely what you will get.

You will also be pleased to learn that the "Wellness" has chosen to not contain any corn, soy or wheat in this puppy food either as well as they have truly gone the additional miles to include premium ingredients for keeping your pup’s tummy happy and coat shiny.

  • 100 % natural ingredients
  • Keeps the dog’s skin and coat healthy
  • thumbs-o-up
    Small kibbles ensure it is simple to consume for puppies with the missing teeth

  • A few puppies refuse to consume this food

Hill's Science dry healthy development puppy food concentrates on puppies as much as age one and canines in nursing phase or throughout the initial phases of pregnancy. This product includes natural state-of-the-art DHA from oils and fish with recommended nutrition, for example, vitamin E and C to enhance your puppies’ defense mechanisms to assist them to survive against disease, as well as this will make it simpler to digest.

This food is available in a delicious chicken meal along with barley taste that is full of flavor and tends to make an enjoyable mealtime while soothing their hunger.

  • Full of antioxidants
  • Healthy bone, muscle and brain development at maximum levels
  • thumbs-o-up
    Tasty and delicious, all while possessing zero food coloring and preservatives

  • Focuses only on pups and smaller dogs

Nature’s Recipe is as good as their name along with this particular dry grain free food for the pups. Manufactured with natural substances such as genuine chicken and simple to break down carbs such as sweet potato and pumpkin, its flavor is guaranteed to be a winner during the mealtimes.

Also, this delicious recipe is prepared with the vital minerals and vitamins that your best friend requires for keeping them energetic and healthy, the fiber in pumpkin and sweet potato is additionally perfect to maintain them regularly, meaning higher leaps to greet you at home, and much more fanfare throughout the playtime.

  • Low cost
  • Excellent even for the picky eaters
  • thumbs-o-up
    The grain-free attributes are excellent for specific dogs

  • A few dogs are allergic or sensitive to this food


The puppy foods mentioned in this post are truly great. All the products have been tested and accepted to be healthy for puppies. You can be rest assured that your puppy will get a healthy and nutritious food every time.

While all these puppies are very lovable, you must remember that since they are a little breed, they are going to need different dietary requirements than any other breeds of dogs. Pay special focus on your pup's size, as many are selectively bred as the toy sizes, meaning they're bred to get smaller than normal.

If your puppy suffers from some other disease, ensure that you get advice and help from a vet. Puppies that have particular diseases may require particular vital vitamins and minerals in their eating plan. Older canines may not require as many calories to assist them to stay healthy and in shape. Always seek advice from an expert if you feel your puppy requires a diet special to their needs.

The round-up of this review is Diamond Naturals Natural Real-Meat Dry Puppy Food as it has all the best benefits that will keep your puppy healthy. However, you can make your own choice. Make sure you remember all the tips provided in this post. 

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