Happiness In A Small Package: Introducing The Black Pug

Considered the clown of the dog world, pugs are a breed many of us know and love. And what’s not to love about these dogs with their large eyes, pushed in muzzles, and small, yet sturdy, stature. Simply put, nothing, but while the fawn pug often springs to mind when we think of the breed, they can actually come in several colors, including black.


Black Coat, Same Big Personality

Although the fawn pug with black mask has become a staple of calendars around the world, it isn’t the only way you find this wonderful breed. While there can be mini pugs, and teacup pugs; the breed is actually a small dog that is 10 to 14 inches tall and 14 to 18 pounds in weight. The colors can be fawn with a black mask or straight black; however, fawn can range from light to dark and, while not an approved color, white pugs are quickly gaining popularity.

Black is a coat color people are beginning to notice and the black pug’s striking and shiny coat almost makes him look like a completely different breed. But it isn’t a different breed and black pugs are a pug through and through with the same short dense coat, large eyes, brachycephalic muzzle and playful disposition that has won the hearts of millions around the world.

When we look at the personality of black pugs, you want to remember that the breed is commonly referred to as “a lot of dog in a small package”. This is due to his funny antics, need to be the center of attention and doting personality that expects as much love as he gives which is his whole heart. Pugs were bred to be companions and they love the attention that comes along with their role.

Would A Pug Fit Into Your Life?

Two questions: are you home enough for your black pug? Do you want a fun and entertaining companion? If you answered yes to both questions, then the black pug will fit into your life.

Known for being the best companion, the pug will suffer if he is left alone for long periods and really needs an owner who can dote on him.

Pugs, including mini pugs and teacup pugs, are a versatile breed that does wonderful things in any home, family or living arrangement, including apartments, urban homes and even sprawling farms.

Understanding The Black Pug In Your Life

Black pugs are dogs that thrive when they can be with their family; enjoying the same adventures as their people. Having a pug, regardless of whether he is a standard pug, teacup pug or mini pug, is often described as having happiness all rolled up in a small package. Your black pug will love to make you laugh and he will make sure he is the center of your world...room or crowd...in fact, pugs are known to become heartsick if they aren’t at the center of that attention.

Health Of Your Black Pug

While the black pug is a delight all around, it is important for you to understand the health concerns and the needs of any black pug in your life. In general, the pug is a breed that does have health problems including epilepsy, nerve degeneration and bone and joint problems such as hip dysplasia and patellar luxation.

The breed is also prone to eye problems and it is important to add eye care into the daily grooming of your black pug since their large, bulging eyes can become dry and irritated quite easily.

Groom Your Black Pug

Which brings us to grooming your black pug and the fact that it should be a daily activity. While their short coat doesn’t require a lot of brushing, the pug will need to have his wrinkles washed on a daily basis with a damp cloth. In addition, it is important to keep the wrinkles dry to prevent skin and yeast infections, which the black pug can be prone to.

​The Essential Guide For New & Prospective Pug Owners

Needs Of Your Black Pug

While pugs have a lot of energy, they often expel it in their silly antics, which can be very entertaining for owners. They do require a short walk per day but these funny mini pugs often tie their needs into the lifestyle of their owners. They are just as happy snoring beside you on the couch as they are heading out to dinner with your friends.

And that is what makes the black pug “happiness in a small package”. No matter how you look at the breed, you will have a fun, loving companion that will make your life all the better for being in it. Before you know it, you’ll not only have a black pug, you’ll have a white pug and a fawn pug joining your home to fill it with even more happiness and love.





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