How To Treat Chiggers On Dogs? Four Natural Ways You Need To Know

Has this happened to your dog - after walking with you in the woods, he incessantly scratches his body? Open spots soon develop on his body as a consequence. Worse, your dog seems unresponsive to anti-itch medication.

Your dog may have been bitten by those small parasites called chiggers. These are common in humid areas. Chiggers on dogs can easily be treated without going to a veterinarian.

Read on and find out how you can treat your canine pal in case he gets bitten by those pesky chiggers again.

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Bumps On Dogs – Is it Scary?

Have you noticed any bumps on your dog’s skin? Do you need to worry about it? Yes, possibly it is scary. 

A red bump can be a nasty one. You should not overlook your dog’s skin related problem. The red bumps are easily noticeable. But if you have a furry friend, it usually goes unseen for a couple of days. You must check your doggy’s body during its grooming.

It can be superficial bacterial folliculitis. This infection could be a simple infestation or a complex food allergy. Older dogs have often experienced fatty tumors.

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How To Cure Dry Skin On Dogs – Three All Natural Ways You Need To Know

Have you been noticing your dog constantly scratching or licking himself? Does he always rub himself up against furniture? Is he excessively losing hair? Then it’s very likely your dog is suffering from dry skin. In this article, we will show you how to treat dry skin on dogs.

Many pet owners tend to dismiss dry skin on dogs as something insignificant. But it can be a source of disappointment for our canine friends. Dry skin is uncomfortable and itchy for dogs. Aside from licking or scratching himself, a dog with dry skin may also bite himself which can lead to injury. Moreover, it could indicate the presence of a more serious health problem like hypothyroidism which needs urgent medical attention.

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