Pet Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Techniques – What You Need To Know

At any given time, an estimated 43 million Americans, suffer from psychological distress, according to Regis College. Distress that can alter the way a person thinks, feel, and behave. But it’s not just human that can affected from this. Dogs too can experience their own physiological battles, especially after witnessing a natural disaster.

That’s because disasters come in many forms; and may require you and your furry friend to leave the comfort of your home for a couple days or force you out permanently. That said, each type of emergency requires different levels of preparation.

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Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs? Things You Need To Know

Our pets become our best friends, and we become comfortable with them as they do with us. Dog lovers, you must be aware of the fact that belly rubbing is one of the favorite behaviors for a dog. You need to read this because belly rubbing is not just an activity. It is a bonding between the pet owner and the pet and an indication that the dog is comfortable in their presence. 

Dogs can't talk, so to understand the belly rubbing behavior, we have to ask ourselves some questions. They include: how do you know when your dog wants a belly rub? Why do dogs like belly rubs? Can belly rubs on a dog be performed by just anyone? Are there any types of dog belly rubs? Examining these questions will provide the required understanding.

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All You Need To Know Why Emotional Support Dogs Are Incredible

No matter a person’s ailment, conditions and circumstances can always be improved with a loyal dog by one’s side. A type of animal that has been gaining attention in the pet and mental health community is an emotional support dog.

Many people with mental and emotional impairments have benefitted from enlisting the support and presence of an emotional support dog. And I am no different with my personal story.

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Dog Paw Infection: What You Need To Know About Diagnosis And Treatment

You know dog paw infections are quite common if you are used to having one. Our four-legged friends walk all day long on a different type of surfaces and often cut their paw or get thorns or debris deposited in the paw and skin folds.

The minor injuries can lead to canine paw infections while there are several other causes too. Today, I will help you identify a dog’s paw infection and tell you how to deal with it.

For many minor infections, you can even treat them at home!

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Can Dogs Eat Avocado? The Amazing Truth Is Revealed Here

Do you love avocados? This fruit is not only delicious but packed in nutrients. But have you found yourself thinking of giving your canine friend a taste of it?

Many pet lovers think that because a food is nutritious and tasty, then there should be no problem if they give it to their pets. But as you would learn from reading this article, giving foods like avocados to dogs isn’t exactly a wise thing to do.

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