Bumps On Dogs – Is it Scary?

Have you noticed any bumps on your dog’s skin? Do you need to worry about it? Yes, possibly it is scary. 

A red bump can be a nasty one. You should not overlook your dog’s skin related problem. The red bumps are easily noticeable. But if you have a furry friend, it usually goes unseen for a couple of days. You must check your doggy’s body during its grooming.

It can be superficial bacterial folliculitis. This infection could be a simple infestation or a complex food allergy. Older dogs have often experienced fatty tumors.


It might be an abscess that is pus under the skin. The main cause of an abscess is an insect bite. It can be a type of Skin-cancer. The bumps can be itchy and painful, and if you do not take your dog to the vet soon, he might start getting irritated at the slightest of things.

Types Of Skin Disorder

There are a plenty of skin disorder in dogs, but it has only two main types - curable and incurable.

A curable skin disorder may take a few weeks to recover. An incurable disorder can be controlled to some extent with drugs, supplements, and fatty acids. You should be proactive about the dog’s problem and visit your vet timely.

Various skin disorders like scales, crusty eruption, hair loss and circular patches are generally curable. Skin Bump can vary in size, a little one is known as papules, and a large one is nodules. Nodules occur due to cancerous cells. Fatty tumors are the bumps that are soft and non-cancerous.

According to WebMD, a bump is only scary if it is continuously changing the color, size, and shape. The bumps on dogs are usually the allergies due to food, pollen, and dust particles. Mostly the bumps are red.

The Common Cause Of Bumps On Dogs

Here is a look at why your four-legged pal might be suffering from it.

  • Folliculitis (Infected hair follicle)
  • Canine Acne
  • Excessive sunlight exposure
  • heartbeat
    Side-effect of medication or injections
  • Basel cell-tumor
  • Tick bites
  • Bacterial Infection
  • heartbeat
    Yeast Infection

Treatment For Bumps On Dog Skin

Most Skin problems are not alarming but an accurate diagnosis is favorable to treatment. You should concern your vet for any noticeable change in your pet’s skin including red bumps, patches, and hot spots. Here are some home remedies for bumps. If the bumps don’t disappear within a week, you should ask your vet’s help.

Home Remedies For Bumps

Give a lovely puppy massage to your dog with vitamin E oil daily after the bath. You can also mix Vitamin–E oil in the bathtub.

Chamomile Tea: It is a natural disinfecting remedy. It can alleviate the skin disorders. You can directly spray it on the affected area.

It’s time to visit your vet if you see no recovery. Fortunately, most red bumps are fatty tumors – so you don’t have to worry as much as they are not cancerous. Visit the vet when the bumps are hard, red and painful – as it can help in earl diagnosis of the problem.

Do note that while unlikely, it can be a malignant tumor. For examining the bumps, a needle test is generally done to check the growth of cells. Your vet will take a small tissue from the affected area for biopsy.

Other Treatments

should you take your pup to vet?

There are chemotherapies, radiotherapies and surgical removal methods for treating the cancerous cells. Your vet might prescribe you the treatment options according to the appropriate cause.

It may comprise the steroids, antihistamines, and the parasitic Control. Various immunotherapy and surgeries are there for the malignant tumors.

Tips To Prevent Bumps

It’s often a preventive approach to this problem that works the best. Here are some of the tips to help you keep your pet safe from red bumps.

  • Use medicated shampoo to keep the dog’s skin clean.
  • Ensure a healthy diet and supplements.
  • Brush your doggy regularly; it will evenly distribute the oil through the skin.
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    Keep him away from stray dogs.
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    Use chemical-free solution for his grooming.
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    Fatty acids are good for the immune system of your dog.
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    Daily bathing will remove allergen particle.


I hope you get a clear idea of what a dog bump is, and how serious it can be. Red bumps are usually found on your dog’s belly; as the belly area have fewer hairs. There are some other factors like temperature and hygiene of your dog’s crate. You should do three simple steps regularly to ensure a healthy pet in your home.

  • Examine any change in his skin and behaviour.
  • Match the symptoms and wait for improvement.
  • Don’t hesitate to visit the vet.

You can comment any questions related to the skin problem of your dog. Keep playing with your furry brat.

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