Can Dogs Eat Apples? What You Need To Know

While your dog may be the “apple of your eye” at home, you may sometimes question yourself, “can dogs eat apples?” given that apple seeds have cyanide content. Guess what – you CAN feed dogs apples, but there are specific guidelines to do so (see Do’s and Don’ts below).

Like most fruits, apples are basically safe for your canine friends to munch on. Prepare them any way you like and you will find that it has lots of benefits for your dog. Having fruits on a dog’s regular diet is important and considering apple is a good option.


Benefits Of Apples For Dogs

Fact check: can dogs eat apples?

1. Good For Dog Tummies

Anything that is rich in fiber (or in this case, soluble fiber) will be a great aid to the digestive system. The same is true for dogs – make it a part of your pet’s daily meals to have fiber-rich foods to keep away from or alleviate stomach upsets. Dietary fiber in apples amounts to about 9% or 2.4 grams per 100 g.

2. Good For the Skin

Vitamin C may be commonly found in citrus fruits but apples don’t get left behind, containing around 7% per 100 grams serving. Vitamin C, as we all know, is good for maintaining a shiny coat for your dog. This is especially helpful for dogs with coat problems and the like.

3. Good For The Eyes

Vitamin A is not just in carrots and other veggies – it can also be found on apples. This crunchy fruit treat for dogs contains 54 IU or around 1% – still significantly higher than other nutrients in the fruit.

Dos And Don’ts In Feeding Apples To Dogs

Because apple may contain cyanide in seeds, taking extra precaution in feeding apples to dogs is important. Here are what you should DO and NOT DO:


  • Feed your dog only fresh apples.
  • Feed Fido apple portions gradually if not accustomed yet.
  • Know your breed’s limitations with digestion. Some breeds can have a hard time with apples.


  • Let Fido take the apple seeds – cyanide can accumulate in your dog’s tummy which can lead to health problems.
  • Leave the apple core behind to avoid a choking hazard.
  • Feed apples to a sick or diabetic dog – consult your vet first before doing so for the right amounts to feed.

Apple Recipes And Snacks To Consider

1. Apple Crisps

An awesome recipe by Gone to the Snow Dogs is a great treat for any dog who loves to munch on anything that is crunchy and fun! Feeding your dogs with anything that is crispy will put some excitement into their meal or snack time.

2. Apple Crunch Pupcakes

If you want bigger treats then consider the cupcake recipe from Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe. It combines applesauce and apple chips to make scrumptious cupcakes or “pupcakes” for your beloved canine friends to enjoy.

The cupcakes may look like hardened cookies at first glance but they really are cupcakes when finished baking. The recipe also makes use of honey and also recommends the Mott’s Natural Applesauce with no added sugar, making it a healthy choice.

Mott's Unsweetened Applesauce

3. Apple Cinnamon Donuts

For the softer side of things, we have another apple recipe from Gone to the Snow Dogs – an apple cinnamon donut recipe. This is essentially a good recipe to consider for dogs with a penchant for cinnamon, apple or both! You can also use it as an introductory food for dogs who are new to apples.

4. Apple Dog Treats

If you don’t have a lot of time in the kitchen but want to feed your dog some apples then look for this all-natural dog treat from Blue Buffalo. It is a mix of apple and lamb and also comes in other natural flavors other than apples.

BLUE Stix Soft-Moist Dog Treats

Because it is free from soy, corn and poultry ingredients, you can be assured that it is a high-quality brand. The mix not only contains apples and deboned lamb but also comes with flax seeds, sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, rosemary and other natural ingredients.

Wrapping It Up

Like the old saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, or in this case, the vet off for some time. Consider the above-mentioned apple recipes for your dog using the all-natural Mott’s Apple Sauce for your creations.

Apples are, in general, a great way to deal with dogs that have sweet tooth problems but can’t be fed with chocolate (for obvious toxicity reasons). Therefore, consider apples and apple recipes a healthy choice for your dog, which can be served in a multitude of ways.


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