Can Dogs Eat Bananas? 6 Reasons It’s Good For Your Dog

You might be fully aware as a pet owner that dogs and chocolates don't mix. Because animal digestive systems do not work like humans, it can be quite meticulous to feed your dog anything. Hence, you probably start to hesitate what to serve for your dog’s meal – or worry about others feeding your dog.

Getting all of the right nutrients from food is important not just for humans, but also for our canine friends. However, no single food source can give you (and your dog) all healthy vitamins and minerals. This is why you should choose carefully. But can dogs eat bananas for real? Let's take a look at some reasons to feed it to your pet.


Reasons To Feed your Pets

Lots Of Potassium

can dogs eat bananas?

Potassium is mostly found in bananas as well as fiber and many other nutrients. If you're looking for potassium, then you'd better give your dog fresh banana in any serving. Potassium has always been a nutrient because of its ability to strengthen muscles and the blood flow.

Adding a good portion of banana into your dog’s meals would create a healthy and balanced diet if your dog is very much used to meat. However, only about 0.6% is recommended on a daily basis – above that may heart problems such as hyperkalemia.

Rich In Fiber

Fiber is a great way to help in your dog's overall digestion and help achieve a healthy lifestyle and balanced weight. If your dog suffers a lot of constipation or diarrhea, then this is a great form of home medicine to help your dog naturally heal.

Increased Metabolism

Vitamin B6 is very much present in bananas and it can help your dog to make good use of all the proteins obtained from meat – with proper exercise, of course.

While fiber is a great way to aid in your dog’s digestive system, you should definitely not toss banana peels in there! This informative article says that the dangers of letting your canine friend intake the banana peels can cause blockage, even if it is not toxic.

Easy To Mix With Food

Ever want to balance your dog’s daily meals with something nutritious but simple to prepare? You’ll find a ton of dog food recipes on the Internet that involves banana, much like below dog treats recipe with bananas and carrots.

But if you want your dog treats to have a unique shape, you can try below yogurt peanut butter banana recipe or pup pops to add more fun to snack time.

Additionally, if you want your dog to go vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free on his/her diet, you can prepare dog treats with banana and sweet potatoes.

Then again, if you don’t have a lot of time in the kitchen, you can opt for these crunchy doggie treats by Nutro. This treat is filled with protein, fiber and most importantly REAL bananas, unlike other treats at your local grocery store.

Nutro Natural Choice Crunchy Treats

Moreover, these dog treats are also great for those who want to maintain a wheat-free and corn-free diet plan for their pets. With none of those preservatives, artificial colorings and other unnecessary ingredients, you’ll have less to worry about and a happier dog to have while eating.

Good For Your Dog’s Heart

Being low in cholesterol and sodium, a banana-based diet for your dog is an awesome preventive (and fun) way of keeping your dog out of heart diseases.

While bananas are beneficial for your dog’s heart health, do note, however, that since bananas are sugary, they should be eaten in moderation. Most dogs are born with a sweet tooth, much like the majority of us humans. Only about 75 to 120 mg of glucose (sugar levels) is recommended for a dog.

Dogs Will Love The Flavor And Texture

mixing from bananas and other ingredients

A lot of dogs will enjoy the mix of starch and sweetness of the banana, whether it’s mixed raw with your home recipe or made into crunchy dog treats. If you’re not convinced enough, try this easy treats recipe involving peanut butter, mild cheese and of course, bananas.

While most dogs are not picky eaters, some are. You will also notice that majority of the canine population “go bananas” with peanut butter. This article concluded that dogs may have loved the mix of salty-sweet combination along with loads of fat and protein.

Peanut butter and bananas have a similar taste, with the exception of the saltiness, so they can be easily combined together to make yummy dog food (or treats). Mixing protein from peanut butter and potassium from bananas creates a healthy mix for your buddy.

Wrapping It Up

Dogs can really eat bananas, so you shouldn’t worry as much as you worry in comparison to getting Fido’s paws off that bar of Hershey’s. Let your dog “go bananas” with a tasty, homemade treat.

Otherwise, if you just need a quick treat pack for your dog then the Nutro Crunchy Banana Treats is your best “bark” for the buck, due to being an all-natural treat for your buddy.


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