Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky? Top FAQs You Need To Know

Every dog master understands how dogs really enjoy being offered people meals as treats. Still, feeding your dog human meals regularly is not an excellent idea, particularly in terms of some specific foods.

Many canine lovers employ "beef jerky" as a treat but can this be good for them? Can dogs eat beef jerky undoubtedly? The reply is "NO".


To tell the truth, dogs should not be offered beef jerky as treats for different reasons. We need to get more in-depth information on the beef jerky as well as understand why you should not feed this to your dog buddy.

Can Dogs Consume Beef Jerky - Absolutely No!

According to professionals, "beef-jerky" treats are regarded as deadly and sickening for the furry pet. Back in 2008, it was predicted that appreciatively 10 cats and 3000 dogs have become ill while 600 canines have died due to this poisonous snack. These unfortunate cases have been connected especially with the beef jerky produced in China. This is because they were full of unsafe chemicals which appeared to be absolutely toxic to dogs in particular.

Exactly what makes the beef jerky such appealing for dogs, is the chewy and crunchiness feature. Although this particular treat is very well-known for training the dogs, it provides harmful results. If you desire to offer your dog with the "beef jerky" snacks, then you ought to consider choosing naturally manufactured one, since it is free from chemical. Additionally, you must make sure that it is not as "spicy" as the typical beef jerky.

No matter what kind of "beef-jerky" you may get at the shop, it's not recommended for dogs. Their spiciness and richness are hazardous for dogs. As you could think about cleaning the "treats" with lots of water before you feed them to the dog, regrettably that still will not remove all spices, a few of which entirely being toxic.

Is "Beef Jerky" A Toxic Treat?

The real causes are unidentified why the jerky treats tend to be harmful to canines. Most people are blaming the "spices" in the jerky or Chinese manufacturers. Jerky treats also have been analyzed for antibiotics, Salmonella, pesticides, metals and a number of other toxic chemicals and compounds but the actual cause of issues are still unclear.

What makes the beef jerky alluring to both dogs and humans is its "spices". Not to mention, beef is full of higher amounts of "sodium" which makes this keep going longer on the racks of supermarket. Furthermore, "beef jerky" is loaded with pepper, garlic powder and onion powder which are really toxic and even risky to canines.

Dogs should not be given spicy or salty treats. These will cause harm to their health whereas onions and garlic are regarded as foods which you should not feed to the dog buddy.

The salty treats will make your dog pal experience excessive urination and thirst. The higher quantity of salt in the beef jerky may further result in the incident of different signs such as vomiting, convulsions, depression, seizures, diarrhea as well as death. Even low quantities of the salt are not recommended for your dog. You have to realize that the digestive system of your dog is completely different than the humans which can make "beef-jerky" treats an absolute no in terms of approved meals for dogs.

Dogs battling with this poisonous treat will experience a variety of serious gastrointestinal issues including diarrhea and vomiting and in some cases even the damage of liver. As I have mentioned already, the first signs which normally happen are too much thirst, sometimes losing weight and unusually frequent urination.

The majority of dogs which suffer from the side effects of beef jerky can restore from condition if the treatment is implemented quickly. On the other hand, if the stomach problems are very severe, then it can result in kidney failure, pancreatitis, and severe blood pH issues.

Drawbacks Of The Beef Jerky

spices and high salt content in beef jerky are not good for dogs

In case you feed the canine buddy huge amounts of the commercially manufactured meat products, then he will definitely suffer from stomach issues. While a few of the manufactured meats may not encompass spices/high salt content which still does not make them accepted treats for dogs.

Professionals advise the canine owners to have a look at the behavior of their dog if eaten beef jerky devoid of their knowledge. In case you observe that your dog is actually feeling down as well as is suffering from the side effects of the beef jerky, then the first and main thing you ought to do is simply to contact the vet and also take your doggy for observation.

Needless to say, recovery can be done if you take your dog to the veterinarian as quickly as possible. It is a critical issue because it has triggered the death of many canines.

Can Dogs Consume Other Kinds Of Jerky Treats?

Absolutely no, other kinds of jerky treats have confirmed to be unsafe for dogs too. This is now acknowledged that duck jerky, dried fruit, and sweet potato can additionally trigger a health problem in canines.


So, in a nutshell, there's no reason that you must consider spoiling the dog with "beef-jerky", as tempting and delicious it can be for him. Canines love it; however, they additionally enjoy other treats which are recommendable and healthy.

Therefore, you should choose healthier treats as an alternative. The higher amounts of detrimental spices and salt make the "beef-jerky" a hazardous treat for the furry pal.

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For that reason, you should stay away from purchasing commercially ready beef jerky, particularly those produced in China. Not to mention, the only kind of jerky which you can try to give to your dog is the one which you prepare at home. Nevertheless, even with self-made jerky, you must remain careful and only give a little bit to see exactly how the pet reacts.

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