Cats And Dogs Under One Roof, Is That A Good Idea?

Growing up, you’ve probably seen Nickelodeon’s CatDog and find this show’s humor fun since it plays with the idea of having a cat and dog stuck together. In fact, cat and dog were depicted as siblings, which makes it more interesting.

The cartoon showcased the differences between the two species and that helped a lot of their episodes have an effective story plot. Cat, the character, is more laid back and independent and Dog is very playful and would chase any animal that is smaller than it is.


True enough, most cats tend to be independent – setting aside their need for a cuddle sometimes. A lot of dogs are playful and most breeds also have a prey drive. This means that they really have the tendency to chase smaller animals.

Now, this brings us to the question: is it really a good idea to keep cats and dogs under one roof? The answer is yes, it could be! 

More About Cats and Dogs

As mentioned, most, if not all, dog breeds have the drive to chase smaller animals. Dogs are natural hunters and so are cats.

This makes it more possible for them to get into fights. In fact, both have quite a tendency to fight with other animals.

For cats, even introducing them to another cat of different species can get them to feel threatened and it’s not really easy to avoid cats from fighting each other.

In a natural setup, dogs see cats as prey because of their size. Cats, on the other hand, sees a dog as a threat. This can make them hiss or do movements that may not be interpreted well by dogs.

Speaking of movements and actions, you also need to understand that both have different languages. Some dogs can interpret a cat’s purring as a threat or a taunt. The language barrier between the two can also add to the difficulty of them cohabiting.

Best Time to Introduce Cats and Dogs

do a dog like a cat?

Some research and studies would suggest introducing your cat to a dog or vice versa, to each other during their early weeks. That’s around the time that both are around 13-16 weeks old.

However, it may not be possible, especially if you already have an older feline or dog friend.

You also shouldn’t worry if you have an older cat or dog that you’d like to introduce to each other. There are still things you can do to make these two get along and what’s really important is that you’re there to supervise their interactions.

Here are other things that you can do to improve the chances of your cat and dog to get along well.

  • Prepare a separate place for your cat and dog so that they can still take a break from each other or just have a separate place of their own. This is also good if you can’t supervise them all the time.
  • The two should have a separate food and water bowl to avoid having your dog eat what is for your cat. This could actually bring bad blood between the two. It is common for these two to want to be undisturbed every time they eat.
  • If possible, have your dog leashed on the first few times they interact. It will make you have easy control if in case either of them decided to attack the other.
  • Make sure that you spend equal time with both of them. They also have tendencies to be jealous and at the same time, this will let you maintain a good bond with the two of them.

Will it Always Work?

Unfortunately, all cats and even dogs have different characteristics and this could affect how well the two can get along. It is possible that even after trying your best to make them harmoniously live together, you’ll end up with the two not really liking each other.

Worst case is that they will always fight every time they see each other.

Some would say that you should only give them two weeks before you consider their meeting as a success or failure, but it’s really your call. It can last up to a month but make sure that no one is getting hurt during this stage.

If you have already decided that they just won’t get along, it is best to check if you could return the cat or dog you just got. You can also just find a home for either of them.


It could be quite a challenge to successfully match your cat and dog, but the bottom line is that it could be a good idea. Some pet owners would actually even say that it was a breeze to make the two get along.

The dog breed could also be a factor to successfully make a dog become a cat’s friend. Some popular dog breeds that could be cat-friendly are Golden Retrievers, Boxers, and Pugs. Sometimes, this wouldn’t matter, especially for older dogs and cats.

Some cats may have a previous encounter with a dog that would make it impossible to bond it with one. Same goes for dogs so be sure to check on that too.

Don’t forget to keep both well-maintained and checked for parasites. Also, always make sure to use products that are friendly for both cats and dogs to avoid any accidents.


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