Five Important Tips On How To Help A Dehydrated Dog

Like humans, dogs will drink water when they need it to help them stay hydrated. Of course, this is only if clean water is available for them to drink and they're not suffering from any illnesses or feeling sick which may make them not want to drink. Generally, we don't think too much about how much water our dogs drink, as they will choose to drink when they feel thirsty.


That being said, at certain times of the year, your dog can become easily dehydrated than normal. All dog owners need to be aware of this and know best on how to avoid this situation. If your dog was to suffer from severe dehydration it can have a serious impact on their health and can cause permanent damage to their health. This is relevant to all dog breeds as some may drink more water because of their size, but the importance of drinking fresh clean water remains the same irrespective of what dog breed you have.

This article covers five vital tips on how to help a dehydrated dog and the importance of fresh water at all times.

Provide Water During Walks

it is important that your dog have a drink when walking

When out walking your dog it is important that they have a drink every half an hour as an absolute minimum. If your dog hasn't drunk during their walk, then they will most likely be very thirsty when they return home and the onset of dehydration may have already started. They will then most likely gulp a full bowl of water down which can cause problems as well. It's best to keep them hydrated during their walks.

Make Their Water More Interesting

If your dog is avoiding drinking or you are trying to make them drink more after a bout of illness or simply because they have not drunk enough during the day; then there are lots of simple tricks to liven up their water so they will be more willing to drink.

You can use a plain stock cube that is salt-free and will add subtle flavor to your dog's water. You can also mix this within their wet or dry food to encourage them to eat as well. Feeding dehydrated dogs wet food will also help get more fluids into them, but this should never replace their drinking of water.

The Need For Fresh Clean Water

dogs need fresh clean water at all times

Firstly, to avoid dehydration its important that your dog has access to fresh clean water at all times. This may seem obvious, but it is important that you remain vigilant on this at all times.

You should always replenish your dog's water bowl at least twice a day and give the bowl a good rinse during this. It's best to avoid plastics and keep the water away from any form of chemicals that may contaminate the water.

Lastly, you must always ensure that your dog's water bowl is easily reachable for them to drink with ease and that it's in an area that is free from lots of noise, so they can enjoy their drink and feel relaxed.

The Effects Of Heat

As with humans, dogs will need to drink more water when the weather becomes water, as drinking water is one of the ways dogs are able to cool themselves down. Dogs are very sensitive to heat, as they don't sweat the same as humans and can easily dehydrate in a matter of minutes. This can then lead to heatstroke which can be fatal if not caught in time.

You should take the necessary steps to keep your dog cool during the hot weather and always provide fresh clean drinking water, regardless of what they are doing.

Act Quickly If Your Dog Shows Signs Of Illness

illness - a sign of dehydration in dog

Lastly, one of the main reasons dogs dehydrate is because of a previous illness. If the dog has suffered from an upset stomach and has been unable to keep anything down, then they are more likely to dehydrate.

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