Pet Care 101: What You Need To Know About Dog Wheezing

What is dog wheezing? What should I do when my dog starts wheezing every time they get excited? Could this turn into something more serious?

First and foremost there are basic reasons as to why your dog might be experiencing dog wheezing. It’s actually a phenomenon that’s quite common, but that doesn’t make it any less alarming when it occurs, especially if you don’t know the cause.


It’s important that you stay informed, more so if this is a regular occurrence for your beloved pet. During this article, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know when it comes to this important aspect of pet care 101! We’ll be going over ways to prevent dog wheezing, causes that may trigger this event, and ways to heal this irritation.

What Causes Dog Wheezing?

what do you know about dog wheezing

There are 5 basic reasons your dog could be experiencing wheezing fits. In most cases, there is a simple answer and it will fade away, but no matter what the cause may be, it’s important that you regularly have checkups for your dog at a trusted vet’s office.

The 5 causes usually are:

  • Parasites that have attached to your pet internally, such as their lungs.
  • Experiencing about of kennel cough, common when adopting a pet.
  • Allergies, typically genetic.
  • Bronchitis, a vet should be able to prescribe the necessary medication for your dog to heal from Bronchitis.
  • An infection.

If you want to learn more about the causes your dog may be experiencing that could end up leading to dog wheezing the video below should help you out!

How Can You Comfort Your Dog Dealing With Wheezing?

There are specific ways you should respond depending on how your dog’s wheezing fits unfold.

If your dog begins wheezing and it quickly fades away, especially if this is not normal for your pet, you should keep watch over them and make sure it doesn’t turn into a normal thing, but rushing to the vet will most likely not give you any answers. Generally, this form of dog wheezing will occur because of excitement or allergies.

If your dog begins dog wheezing regularly, you should schedule an appointment at your vet’s office as soon as possible, especially if you’ve noticed that they have become more lethargic or have a lack of appetite. If this does occur with your dog, it’s most likely because of a foreign body or infection, this is a much more serious case and needs to be looked at as quickly as possible.

How To Help Your Dog Heal Their Wheezing

Not many cases of dog wheezing prove to be fatal, it’s actually quite rare, but why take the chance when there are certain measures you can take to prevent this kind of stress on your furry friend?

You need to be sure that you prevent your dog from eating human food, small sharp objects (small toys etc), and to help them stay away from smoke / even fireplaces. In many cases, extreme fragrances and smoke are a huge reason as to why dog wheezing occurs.

Try to not light as many candles or sticks of incense, also make sure you try switching to a scent free detergent for your dog bed cover. Go out of your way to limit how often you open your windows and always make sure that you keep your air ducts as clean as possible.


Overall, dog wheezing can be normal, but if you aren’t careful and aware of the signs and symptoms, it can turn into something much more serious. Keep in mind:

  • If your dog is wheezing, comfort them and take steps to improve possible allergies.
  • If your dog continues to wheeze over a period of time for seemingly no reason, be sure to schedule an appointment with your local vet.

Has this article helped you better understand what you need to know about dog wheezing?


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