Dramamine For Dogs – Is It Right For Your Dog?

You might be asking why you would need Dramamine for dogs?

But for many, the surprise of how often this is needed isn’t confronted until you start traveling with a pet who has not had enough experience on the move. Almost any dog owner can agree that many aches and pains that humans feel, dogs can also experience them, if not worse because of lack of understanding and communication.

Dogs can feel queasy, stomach pains, even colds, just like humans, so why not offer them something that could soothe their stomachs when they’re out on the road with you or traveling in any way? But there are some things to keep in mind, there are many health risks involved when it comes to medication and your beloved pets.


Which is why it’s extremely important you check with your vet before giving your pet anything you might take yourself. Just because your dog goes through similar issues as humans, doesn’t mean they can take the same kind of medication for those ailments.

This article will provide you with a basic understanding of why Dramamine for dogs could possibly be the best bet for when you’re heading out on that family road trip.

How Do You Know If Dramamine Is The Right Choice?

Many people who deal with motion sickness will typically choose to take Dramamine before they travel for any amount of time. This common ailment is known as travel sickness and can induce feelings of sickness, vomit, upset stomach, diarrhea, faintness, unfocused and cloudy memory, and tiredness.

Dogs can also feel all of these things and they are actually prone to feeling them more so than humans. Plus being in unfamiliar territory where they are constricted by a dog carrier, can really cause them to experience anxiety and stress, making their version of travel sickness much much worse.

If your dog is dealing with any of the symptoms we’ve listed below, you should consider speaking to your vet about the healthiest way you can introduce Dramamine to your dog:

  • Inability to stay still
  • Major drooling
  • Panting non-stop
  • Throwing up
  • Barking or other noises of distress
  • Shaking
  • Quick breathing
  • Coughing
  • Aggressiveness

The FDA has not approved Dramamine for dogs, but your vet will consider this as an option in cases where your dog shows clear signs of motion and travel sickness, and it is legal and safe to be used in the correct dosage for the size and type of dog you have. But to know how much you should give your dog you need to speak to a professional for that official diagnostic.

Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

If you plan on seeing your vet about prescribing Dramamine for your dog, there are some side effects that could potentially occur that you need to be aware of. You need to keep these in mind and if they do occur they need to be monitored and taken to a vet as soon as possible.

If your dog starts to:

  • Have an extremely dry mouth
  • Constantly sleep and it’s hard to wake them up
  • Act as if they are paralyzed and you can’t wake them up
  • Constantly has to urinate

If they show these signs, you need to bring them back to the vet immediately for further assistance and guidance.

Before you visit your vet for approval of this drug, be sure that you mention any preexisting medical conditions your dog might have or has had in the past and let your vet know if there are any medications your dog is currently on.

Benefits Of Dramamine For Dogs

The main purpose of allowing your dog to be medicated with Dramamine is to sedate them in a mild way so they don’t experience travel sickness. There are little to no other proven benefits that occur when taking this medication.

The only benefit this medication will provide is the dog being able to sleep or stay calm during travel, this will prevent them from becoming sick and panicking during travel.


Overall, the history of Dramamine for dogs is tricky, it is not something that we recommend for a number of reasons, but most importantly because this method is not regulated or fully researched enough to know the long term effects this may cause your dog to experience throughout their life.

Unless your pet is dealing with extreme motion and travel sickness, we do not recommend this kind of medication being used for dogs. There are huge amounts of risk, such as canine overdose, and the possibility of this medication negatively impacting other health issues your dog might be facing.

Unless the condition is severe enough when traveling to the point of that being a health risk in itself, we would suggest other methods.

What are your thoughts on using Dramamine for dogs? Would you consider this a safe alternative to travel for your pets?

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