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How Much Are English Bulldog Puppies?

A true one of a kind, with unique looks, sweet characters, and lazy natures; there is no breed quite like the English Bulldog. And they are popular too, but be warned, if you are thinking of finding an English Bulldog puppy for sale, they do come with a serious price tag...


Firstly - Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive?

The quick answer is that English Bulldogs are difficult to breed. Bulldog dams rarely deliver litters by a natural birth - and it can be dangerous if done so due to the size of the puppy’s head. Cesarean is the most common method. And a lot of extra care is needed throughout the pregnancy to make sure the pups are as healthy as possible.

Then there is constant care in those early days - an 80 hour week looking after little pups is quite possible.

Why Do Some English Bulldog Puppies Cost More Than Others?

Once you have thought things through, took in all the facts, researched thoroughly, and you have now decided that an English Bulldog is the one for you…

You begin to look around, and you find a BIG variation in the price tag. Why would this be? They are all the same, aren’t they?

Well, there are so many factors, from colour to bloodline, breeder type, location, and much more. But let’s face facts, you are probably not going to find an English Bulldog for under £1000 from a breeder, but you could see one for close to £10,000!

How Much Is A Common Coloured English Bulldog?

£1500 would be a reasonable starting price tag for a standard coloured English Bulldog from a good breeder. But consider £1500-£2500 perfectly normal. Any puppy below £1000 should be treated with caution, as it could suggest it hasn’t had a quality start, or received proper care.

Where Can I Find The Best Price For An English Bulldog Puppy?

There can be small variations from country to country in the price a breeder charges. As mentioned before, expect the cost to be at least £1200 in most of Europe, and North America. Elsewhere you might find a regular coloured Bulldog puppy for closer to £1000 if you are lucky. Any less than this, even in less affluent countries, is a sign that the puppy hasn’t been properly bred, so be careful to check out the breeder.

What Does A Black Or Blue English Bulldog Cost? 

This is where we get serious. These colours are rare, it takes a lot of effort to find breeding partners, and breeders know that this makes them very special. For a black English Bulldog puppy expect to fork out £3000-5000. And for an even rarer blue pup, above £10000 isn’t impossible. As you can imagine this is for the real determined, professional English Bulldog owners.

How Much Is A Show Line English Bulldog?

£3000-£5000 is quite typical for a very strong, show quality and champion bloodline English Bulldog, especially if the sire and dam are winners! It is possible to find a champion bloodline pup for £2500, but under this is less likely.

P.S always remember to check the pedigree to make sure it really is show bloodlines.

And let’s not forget the big question;

How Much Does It Cost To Own An English Bulldog?

There’s a lot to consider here too. Vet bills, for both regular checks up and unexpected issues, can be costly. Insurance is encouraged! Conscientious breeders do everything in their power to produce puppies which are as healthy as possible, but every health screening in the world still isn't enough to ensure that nothing will ever happen to your Bulldog.

You can expect to have to put aside between £50 and £100 per month to feed, insure and care for your Bulldog.


If we face facts head on, then there is no glossing it over; the English Bulldog is one of the more expensive breeds. But that doesn’t make choosing one a bad idea! With all that an English Bulldog can bring to your life; fun, love, laughter and their unique look and style, most would believe you are getting more bang for your buck! 

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