The Most Important Things About English Cream Golden Retriever You Need To Know

A new type of Golden Retriever is on the rise. The English Cream Golden Retriever or White Golden Retrieve is a wonderful new breed, with an almost pure white coat. While some dogs enthusiasts have their disagreements about this breed, white retrievers are still a simply gorgeous dog, but you may be wondering:

  • What is an English Creams temperament?
  • How big can White Golden Retriever puppies get?
  • Where did the breed come from?
  • Why the controversy?

We will be developing into this breed to provide you with insightful information. This article contains everything you're ever going to want to know about the English Cream Golden Retriever. Keep reading below to determine if this breed is right for you!


All You Need To Know About English Cream Golden Retriever

The English Cream Golden Retriever is a subdivision of the Golden Retriever breed. They are hardy dogs good for both sport and companionship. You may even be surprised to learn that this breed is a lot less rare than most breeders tend to make it out to be.

The History

The first type of Golden Retriever appeared at some point during the Victorian era of history and was officially recognized as a breed in 1925. The breed started when a man named Dudley bred a Water Spaniel with one of the other types of established retrievers. Since then, the breed has become an iconic and popular pet in today's culture.

In the 1,800’s the breed was recruited as a hunting dog to cut down on the amount of lost game in the fields. Since then, the retriever has been seen as a sports dog and is favored among hunters for its abilities. The breeds have even made their way into being political pets of famous leaders like Ronald Reagan.

Breed Traits

English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are bred for its almost white coat color. Beyond the coat color though, they have the same traits as their parent breed. There an energetic dog breed for starters, and will be less happy in a non-active environment.

Retrievers love an active environment, and to spend a large amount of time outside. The retriever even have quite a bit of webbing on their feet, making the breed very drawn to water. When not taken out or played with enough, the pent-up energy in a retriever can turn destructive.

On top of being energetic, the golden retriever is a very social dog. They love to be around there family and can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. This makes this a great breed for families that have young kids who are going to give a lot of attention to the families dog.

The English Cream is a medium breed of dog and a full grown male can weigh up to 75 pounds at peak weight. The females can hit 71 pounds at their peak, and the breed can up to 24 inches tall. The average lifespan of the breed is between 10- 12 years, and can be prone to many health problems like hip dysplasia.

The English Cream is a very gentle breed that shows a great deal of intelligence. They are people pleasers, meaning they will be easy to train and aim to make their owners happy. They also are easily adaptable to other dogs and have a very friendly approach to strangers.

​Golden Retrievers For Dummies

Controversy With The Breed

The breed has been in the center of a lot of controversy with the breeding community. The English Cream Golden Retriever has been the center of many breeding scams. The most common convinces unknowing buyers that the English Cream is a rare breed.

This English Cream Retriever has been around for a very long time, possibly as long as the beginning of the breed. White Golden Retrievers are a common color and are by no means a rare sight in a litter. Breeders who breed for white retrievers should be very upfront about this, and the pricing shouldn’t be much more than a Golden Retriever.

It also isn’t recommended to shop from a breeder who seems overly obsessed with breed the English Cream. Great dog breeders number one priority will never be a certain look or color, but instead, it will be towards strengthening the breed. Be sure to do research on any breeder you buy from to keep from funding bad breeding practices.

Bringing Your Retriever Home

Make sure you have plenty of room for your English Cream to exercise in and spend plenty of time with him each day. Be sure to give him plenty of time to be social with other people and dogs, as well. If you have any questions or red flags about the breeder you are talking to be sure to thoroughly vet them with questions and do your research on the business!

As with any new pet, give them time to acclimate to their new home, generally 2 weeks to a month. Always make sure to keep up regular vet visits and schedule an appointment at any sign of health issues. Be aware of your English Cream’s needs and you will have a wonderful companion for many years to come!

Need to know anything else, just give us your questions below in the comment section!

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