3 Best German Shepherd Commands That Will Help You For Training

The German Shepherds usually are fast to learn commands and tricks. We know that you are searching for German shepherd commands. However, it is also a fact that originally they were bred to guard herds and lives in packs.

For that reason, these canines are dominant naturally and enjoy being the "alpha-leader" wherever they go.

It is probably the main reason to infuse training from the early age. Rather than whiling out this puppy thinks that he is very cute to create havoc or dominate in the home, beginning German shepherd training commands for obedience.


In this way, you will be the happy master of a docile, well-behaved, but watchful GSD which embodies the perfection of his traits of breed!

Here, we are going to take you through every aspect of teaching your German shepherd dog, right from the German shepherd commands to significant ways to apply them.

Types Of The GSD Training!

German commands for dogs are very important. The GSD can easily be trained while using these following techniques.

1. Hand Signs

Hand signs are helpful to make the dog follow your commands. They're extremely powerful in making the dog learn numerous tricks. The dog can easily pick hand signs from far distance as well as when merged with voice signs; you make a lot more efficient training technique.

2. Verbal Commands

Not to mention, a dog listens to voice signals as well as different frequencies. In case you say "No" - it is a powerful voice; your canine will understand that you're serious. In case you say "Good-Boy" having a lovely smile on the face, your canine will interpret this as a contented tone. Verbal/voice/audio signals have much importance while teaching a GSD dog.

Teaching The GSD To Leave It!

  • Try holding a goody in the hand and then call the name of your dog.
  • Once you grab its attention, after that drop the goody on the ground.
  • The dog will certainly approach the goody and will attempt to have it.
  • Whenever your canine is going to have the goody from the ground, bring the leg forward as well as put this in front of the goody.
  • Don't step on that goody, simply block this.
  • Say "leave it."
  • Once again pick the goody in the hand, get back slightly, drop the goody on the ground, call the name of your dog, repeat the activity and ask the canine to leave this.
  • If the dog stops and does not take the goody in the mouth, get the goody from the ground and offer this.
  • It will assist your dog to relate the word "leave-it" with being away and can make this easier for this to learn.

How To Teach The GSD Simply To Stay!

  • Get a goody in the hand.
  • Now sit before your dog as well as bring your goody hand near to the nose of your GSD.
  • Let the dog smell the goody.
  • Take your goody hand slightly upwards.
  • Whenever your dog attempts to arise to grab the goody, push this down from nose with the goody hand and then say "stay."
  • In case your dog does not stay, then repeat the action and in case it stays, offer it the goody.
  • Continue doing this action for approximately 5 to 10 mins or until the dog understands your "stay" command.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient goodies with you to ensure that your canine makes a link between the goody and stay.

Teaching The GSD Simply To Sit!

  • Have a goody for your dog in the hand.
  • Now make the dog sit ahead of you.
  • Take your hand over the nose of your dog and let this get a sweet taste of this.
  • Once your canine is enthusiastic to have the goody and attempts to take this from the hand, just pull the hand backward.
  • The dog will make an effort to grab the goody from you.
  • Now move the hand with goody just above the nose of your dog.
  • The dog will maneuver from right to left.
  • Tell the canine to "sit" as well as keep continuing the command to ensure that it learns exactly what it indicates.
  • The dog will certainly sit to grab the goody.
  • As soon as your canine sits, offer this the goody with your hand.
  • Continue doing this action until the dog understands to sit down and relate the goody with sitting.


As soon as you have taught your "German-Shepherd" to become obedient and patient, you will ultimately become a happy owner of the dog which is outstanding as a pal and lifelong partner.

Training a "German-Shepherd" doggie becomes a piece of cake with the above mentioned German shepherd commands in German. Keep in mind, the important thing is actually to be consistent and use goodies as motivators for getting your GSD completely responsive to the commands. You may also consider this book for a smooth training from A to Z. 

​Training Your German Shepherd Dog

Last but not least, try keeping the training periods short and lively as if he becomes bored, he will behave in an absolutely opposite way to the commands.

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