German Shepherd Puppies – What You Need To Know

German shepherds are probably one of the best choices for a working dog due to their intelligence, prowess and astounding loyalty to his master(s). Raising German shepherd puppies can be a handful, but with a lot of patience, you can definitely raise a healthy pup into a brilliant watch dog.

Most people wonder about the difference between German shepherds, black German shepherds and white German shepherds – and whether one of them is harder to raise. Before you consider your German shepherd puppies, let’s get down to the facts you need to know first.


Black German Shepherds – Are They A Different Breed?

the same breed as German shepherd

The big answer is actually “no”, they are the same breed as your good-old German shepherd with standard colors – only coated in deep black. While physical features might set them apart, their attitude and other aspects are roughly the same.

Both black and regular German shepherds are double-coated, muscular, fluffy-tailed and pointy-eared dogs that shed a lot, so they’re not an ideal dog if you don’t have a lot of time to groom your canine friend. Nonetheless, if proper maintenance is present, the so-called “black beauty” can stand out.

If you wonder why some regular German shepherds can give birth to pure black ones, then it’s because of what we mentioned before in the first few paragraphs – they are the same breed, only with a different coat. So don’t be surprised when you find one in the litter.

However, as with all stereotyping against dogs and violence, most people fear black dogs because of the black stigma. Don’t let this faze you – black German shepherds are just as easy to train as their regular counterparts. Any dog can be trained with the proper approach and patience – look at the below proof!

I Want To Have My Own Blackie! But How?

First of all, consider the fact that because of the luxurious black coat, Blackie will cost more than your regular German shepherd puppy (or adult dog, for that matter). The price range is about $700 to $2,000 depending on where you live, whereas it’s only about $300 to $900 for regular German shepherds.

Fast Facts About White German Shepherds

The white German shepherds are ideal watch dogs

These snow-coated German shepherds tend to have a more mellow personality than the original breed, which might be a good news for folks who may not like too much aloofness or aggressiveness. The white German shepherds are ideal watch dogs, too – but not too frightening to scare the neighbors.

However, like the standard German shepherd (and Blackie), Whitey has similar maintenance routines and is also not the dog for you if you’re too lazy to maintain a shedding dog. They shed heavily, like most double coated dog breeds, so be wary of this.

Like the black German shepherd, Whitey is also quite rewarding to train, as he/she comes from an intelligent breed. In fact, they are also very empathic. Take a look at the awesome video of a white German shepherd cuddling a baby goat below!

If you want your own Whitey then you’d expect about $750 to $1,000 depending on where you will buy them. They are about as similar as the value of a black German shepherd but make sure they are from reputable breeders and not badly-kept kennels.

Now, Let’s Talk About The Puppies

Raising puppies, like with any dog breed, requires a lot of patience. But with the hard work, your dog will absolutely be your loyal guard at home, provided you give them lots of time to play outdoors. Socializing them as early as possible also lessens their aggressiveness.

If you don’t have a lot of experience raising puppies, then German shepherd puppies might keep you too busy. Make sure you offer a lot of time to train them and play with them – just like in this puppy training video for basic commands.

The Journey To Dog Adulthood

All puppies will grow up some time, but it depends on how you raise them. This informative how-to book written by Liz Palika will definitely be your guide through your German shepherd’s growth stages.

Your German Shepherd Puppy Month By Month

The book has a ton of readily available answers to the most common questions asked by owners, such as "What vaccinations are needed by my German shepherd puppies?" and "How much exercise should my puppies get every single day?" among others.

Furthermore, the book also tackles tips on puppy socialization, nutrition guides, basic command training, behavioral problems, hygienic maintenance, obedience training and so much more.

In Conclusion

Some people may find German shepherd puppy raising and training quite intimidating, but there’s nothing impossible when you really love and care for them. To assist you through the dog’s growth stages, Liz Palika’s informative book is a great guide for starters.


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