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Anna is a big fan of dog blogs. She began her own blog to share her experiences and love for dogs. Anna has trouble with her dogs from time to time just like you. Feel free to share your stories.

Anna do welcome both of these on my Blog and the general guidelines apply to both types of content:​

Topic & Style:

  • Must be unique and dog related articles (health, care, behavior, training, breeds, nutrition...)
  • Length should be at least 1200 words with subheads (H2, H3...) and bullet points. Paragraphs should be nice and short (2-3 sentences each).
  • A minimum of 2 high quality images (800 pixels horizontally) are required. The images should be your own or without copyright issues.
  • An author bio (2-3 sentences) / 1-2 links back to your blog, Website or Social Media profile are welcome. We will offer the rate for sponsor links, if you want to promote for your commercial site.

How To Submit:

  • Put “Write for ThinkOfPuppy” + Title in the subject.
  • Including short bio (2-3 sentences) + your image. We will put a short paragraph to introduce about the author.
  • Attach your article file in mail and send me via emails ([email protected] or [email protected]).
  • Be patient when waiting for our reply. We’ve received many submission per day, so it may take time to comment on your article.
We appreciate your contribution to our blog!​​​​​