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When Do Puppies Stop Teething? Top Things You Need To Know

Rising a pup is the most rewarding experience you will ever have, however; definitely it has its difficulties as well as teething is without a doubt a major one.

Actually, puppies obtain a complete set of "baby-teeth" when they are around 6 to 8 weeks older and at approximately 12 to 14 weeks all those teeth begin to drop out, therefore, permanent teeth can easily grow in.

On the other hand, this process will leave the gums aching and result in a "teething period" similar to the one that the human babies undergo.

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How Often To Bathe A Puppy – Basic Things You Need To Know

So, you have just brought a new puppy home or are a proud godmother to your dog’s newest litter. One question may be burning in your mind as the puppies begin to get themselves into messes, can I bathe them? Puppies can be a little bit trickier than older dogs and it's hard to figure out exactly how often to bathe a puppy.

This short guide below will answer all the important questions about giving your puppy a safe bathing experience.

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Pet Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Techniques – What You Need To Know

At any given time, an estimated 43 million Americans, suffer from psychological distress, according to Regis College. Distress that can alter the way a person thinks, feel, and behave. But it’s not just human that can affected from this. Dogs too can experience their own physiological battles, especially after witnessing a natural disaster.

That’s because disasters come in many forms; and may require you and your furry friend to leave the comfort of your home for a couple days or force you out permanently. That said, each type of emergency requires different levels of preparation.

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Dog Paw Infection: What You Need To Know About Diagnosis And Treatment

You know dog paw infections are quite common if you are used to having one. Our four-legged friends walk all day long on a different type of surfaces and often cut their paw or get thorns or debris deposited in the paw and skin folds.

The minor injuries can lead to canine paw infections while there are several other causes too. Today, I will help you identify a dog’s paw infection and tell you how to deal with it.

For many minor infections, you can even treat them at home!

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How To Treat Chiggers On Dogs? Four Natural Ways You Need To Know

Has this happened to your dog - after walking with you in the woods, he incessantly scratches his body? Open spots soon develop on his body as a consequence. Worse, your dog seems unresponsive to anti-itch medication.

Your dog may have been bitten by those small parasites called chiggers. These are common in humid areas. Chiggers on dogs can easily be treated without going to a veterinarian.

Read on and find out how you can treat your canine pal in case he gets bitten by those pesky chiggers again.

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