How Long Can A Dog Live Without Food? Top Facts You Need To Know

There's no exact figure to explain that how long can a dog live without food. Many aspects are assessed to learn about the intake of foods by the canine. The consumption of the diet will depend on the age, breed and the dog's health.

More or less, it is deemed that doggy can survive without food at least for 3 to 5 days or perhaps for 7 days. There are various presumptions on this factor. Some anticipate that the doggie can survive for 30 days without proper nutrition.

This has been noticed that adult canines cannot stay for a long time devoid of food as compared to pups. The pooches that are fit physically can live with no food for a long time as compared to canines which are in weak health conditions.


What Are Your Key Responsibilities?

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Being a caretaker, you need not only to be worried about the diet of your pet but additionally keep a record of the dog’s consumption of water. This is the delicate issue to question that exactly how long can a dog go without food and water.

Every day the intake of water will be important for your highly valued pet. If he ever skips any day after that make sure that it is an extreme hint for which you'll have to seek advice from a vet without delay. Water is a must for the pooch that can save him from the dehydration.

Ensure that the intake of drinking water for the pooch ought to be more constant than food. In the hot weather, the beloved dog cannot live pleasantly without water. If you face a problem that your dog doesn't feel like to eat food, after that it can be because of the health problem for which the medical support is needed by the veterinarian.

You can also change the list of the dog’s food in case he isn't eating properly to ensure that he isn't tired of the typical list. Provide him with some goodies which will encourage him to eat diet. If you attempted your best for making your dog eat correct food then additionally he is not ingesting correctly after that take the assistance of the veterinarian who will identify the problem.

Starvation In The Dogs

Based on the "Humane Society", weakness is pet abuse. And, legally so. Right now, in this part of the post, I would prefer to move through a couple of signs which help figure out if a canine is malnourished.


An undernourished dog can look weak as well as may have less hair on the body. Additionally, you will have the ability to see much less muscles on the canine and this will even possess a "bony" appearance.

Upset Tummy

Malnourished canines have problems with an upset tummy and are proven to:

  • Vomiting Bile
  • Agonizing excretion
  • Have problems in excreting
  • An undernourished dog won't be capable of living devoid of food for a long time

Reduced Energy

Laziness and reduced energy are 2 more clear symptoms of an undernourished dog.

Health Problems

Since the canine is not having the nutrition which its body needs, a malnourished canine won't be capable of fighting off the illnesses and can get ill a terrible lot. I expect this part has frightened you off ever from attempting to leave the doggy friend devoid of food! Starvation and malnutrition in canines is an extremely serious problem.

Can A Dog Live Without Eating? 4 Factors You Need To Know!

Most of the time, a canine can continue for 7 to 15 days without food. However, this number is NOT exact as you will find several factors which affect exactly how long your canine can live devoid of food. Therefore, let’s have a look.

Age Of Your Dog

The nutrition which your dog requires depends entirely on the age of your dog.

As a standard principle, a younger canine or a pup needs more nutrition compared to an old dog. Therefore, normally, the survival is determined by the quantity of nutrition needed.

Activity Level Of Your Dog

If the doggy buddy is incredibly active then it indicates that he requires more nutrition so that it can live. Therefore, an active canine is definitely not capable to live a long time without food.

Your Dog's Size

This one will go together with breed of said dog. As I said before, dogs which are bigger in size require more energy so as to live. Not to mention, the stated energy originates from food. It implies that the bigger the canine, the greater food this will require as a way to live.

It also suggests that larger canines will be unable to go devoid of food for an extended time.

Some Other Health Conditions

Now, let’s discuss health issues. Most of the time, a dog that has lots of health problems, sensitivities and so on will be unable to live long without water and food. Therefore, what I'm trying to inform you is actually that every dog is special.

It means that a dog can have the ability to survive 15 days devoid of eating anything while another canine will just be able to live for 7 days.


A starved and a malnourished doggy is one which has suffered the animal cruelty. Therefore, never consider leaving your canine without food in case you are heading on a quick vacation because it may have severe and long-term health consequences.

In many instances, dogs can survive as much as 7 to 15 days without food. However, this really depends on a number of other factors, for example, your dog’s breed, age, level of the activity, etc.

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