Basic Things You Need To Know About How Often To Bathe A Puppy

How Often To Bathe A Puppy – Basic Things You Need To Know

So, you have just brought a new puppy home or are a proud godmother to your dog’s newest litter. One question may be burning in your mind as the puppies begin to get themselves into messes, can I bathe them? Puppies can be a little bit trickier than older dogs and it's hard to figure out exactly how often to bathe a puppy.

This short guide below will answer all the important questions about giving your puppy a safe bathing experience.


When To Bathe Them

A puppy is generally taken care of by its mom in the grooming department for three months after it's born. It’s suggested to completely avoid bathing your pup for the first three months unless there is an emergency situation or they literally fell into a pile of mud.

Bathing a dog too much can cause them to lose the essential oils both their skin and coat need to be healthy. This can lead to many problems such as dry skin or possible fur loss.

It's generally pretty hard to give a set amount of time for a puppy, the general rule is once every season. Each breed and each individual dog within the breed will have a different amount of bathing needs.

Some puppies can go up to a month without having to be bathed, while others dogs will need a bi-weekly grooming cycle. If you notice your puppy is starting to smell strongly, then that is a clear sign that bath time is close by!

Safe Bathing Procedures

When bathing your puppy, it is safest to use a small area or spray attachment for your shower to begin grooming them. Always be with your puppy while they are in water if you have to fill the sink or tub as leaving them could lead to possible injury to the dog or objects around them.

Gather all the materials you need before the bath, try using a checklist if necessary to guarantee you have everything you need. Be very wary of the puppies eyes and nostrils, take care to make sure they don’t get soap in these areas or start to drink the soapy water.

Having a good shampoo brand made for your puppy is extremely essential:

Recommended Shampoos

These four shampoo brands are great for puppies and are all highly rated by pet parents. Each shampoo offers a different benefit depending on your puppies needs. Make sure to check with your vet and immediately stop use if you notice your puppy is in discomfort while using any shampoo brands.

Also, always avoid using any type of human shampoo on your dogs, they can have harmful toxins in them that could endanger your new pet or they can even unbalance their natural PH levels.

Keeping Your Puppy Calm While Bathing

Keeping Your New Puppy Clean With Proper Bathing


One of the biggest challenges you may find during the process of bathing is keeping your puppy calm. When first introducing your puppy to water, pour small bits of warm water onto their coat slowly. Puppies who are gradually introduced to water will have an easier time as an adult with the grooming process. You can even put a favorite water safe toy in with them to give them added comfort.

When you run the water, make sure to keep it at lukewarm temperature. Inappropriate heat or a bath that runs too cold can ruin your dog’s want for cooperation immediately. Make sure to wash all shampoo out of the coat as excess shampoo can lead to scratching and discomfort once the coat dries. Always reward your puppy after each bath to give them a positive mindset towards the time. If you still find it too daunting to bath your puppy for the first time, you can always engage a professional groomer to your house where you can see and learn the whole grooming process

Keeping Them Clean

While it can be hard to guess how often to bathe a puppy at first, by researching their breed type and monitoring their coat, you will soon have a schedule down pat. Be sure to use safe shampoo for puppies like Earthbath when bathing as well.

​Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

During each bath, make sure the water is at an appropriate temperature and don’t forget the treat and wearing cool accessories for your puppy after the bath. If you need to buy some accessories, don't forget to get discount offers on pet accessories from CouponsMonk before buying.

Raising a bath-loving dog is completely possible with a little patience and the right knowledge! If you have any other questions in regards to bathing your new puppy, just leave a comment below and our experts will be glad to help you out!

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