How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car – Fast & Easy Solutions

Do you and your dog take frequent car rides together? If so, you’ve probably been often faced with the question of how to get dog hair out of car. My dog has very thick and long hair. Trying to remove it from my car used to be a constant battle.

Over time your dog's hair can be worked into the seats, making it very difficult to remove as I'm sure you've realized. Don't worry; there are simple ways to remove dog hair from your car as well as preventative measures.

​No need to cut back on you and your doggy's joy rides.


What You Will Need

Fortunately, most of what you will need to remove and prevent dog hair buildup can be found in your home. Most items on this list can also be bought cheaply in many stores.

Preventative Measures

  • Dog Brush or deshedding tool. The deshedder is most useful for heavy coated or long haired dogs.
  • Dog Shampoo (Preferably one that is meant for excess dog hair)
  • Towel or Blanket (One you don’t mind getting dirty)

Removal Solution

  • Lint Roller
  • Liquid Fabric Softener
  • Vacuum (Must have some kind of hand-held extension)
  • Duct Tape

Prevention Steps

1. Remove Excess Hair

Use dog brush or deshedding to tool to remove excess hair from your dog. A deshedder looks much like a comb but metal. The teeth of the comb have small blades that gently pull loose hair.

​This is the first step in order to reduce the amount of dog hair that ends up in your car. You can even try doing this every time you are about to let your dog in the car.

2. Give Your Dog A Good Bath Often

Bathing your dog is another good way to remove excess hair and keep it out of your car


Bathing your dog often is another good way to remove excess hair and keep it out of your car. Be sure to give him a good scrubbing to loosen up the fur. This will also help keep the dirty dog smell off of your car seats.

​Bathing your dog once a week or two should be sufficient. Just be mindful of the skin condition of your dog. Over bathing can cause irritated or itchy skin. Brushing your dog right after he dries makes this tip even more effective.

3. Lay Down A Towel Or Blanket

Instead of your dog sitting directly on the seat, you might want to consider putting something down for him to sit on. This way all you have to do is shake out the blanket and wash it often instead of removing hair from your car.

​Try to avoid materials like shag or fleece. Removing hair from these fabrics can be a nightmare. Fabrics like cotton or polyester are much better suited for your dog to lie on.

Hair Removal

While it’s nice to have preventative measures in mind; here is a foolproof way to get rid of the pesky dog hair already present in your car. I’ve used this method more than a few times and I have always found success.

1. Use A Lint Roller

Lint rollers are basically rolls of paper tape with a handle. This tool is great for removing surface hair that hasn’t been worked into the fabric yet. It is better to get this loose hair out of the way before moving on to the next step.

The less hair you have to work with, the easier it will be to remove. Change the strips on the roller often while you work and you will be done faster.

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Combo Pack

2. Lightly Spray Upholstery With Fabric Softener

Lightly spritz the inside of your car with fabric softener to loosen up dog hair that is deeply worked into the upholstery. This will also leave your car smelling nice and free of pet odor.

​I wouldn’t go overboard on this step so you don’t have to wait forever for it to dry. Depending on the fabric softener you use, you might want to water it down a little if you are using it often. The smell can be overpowering and leave a slight residue on your seats.

3. Vacuum Your Car

Once the fabric softener has had time to dry and loosen the hair, use a vacuum to remove the hair. You should use a hand held vacuum or one with a head extension so you can get all the creases.

You can use your regular home vacuum if you have an extension cord at hand. If you are still having trouble removing the hair, repeat the fabric softener once more.

4. Use Duct Tape To Remove any Leftover Hair

You can technically use any type of tape for this step. The reason I suggest duct tape is because it is the strongest and stickiest. It has always worked best for me.

​Just wrap the tape sticky-side-out around your hand and grab up any leftover hair. This is great for getting into small spaces that your vacuum and lint roller can’t reach.

Duck Brand 1303158 Metallic Color Duct Tape

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Was it helpful to you? This method of hair removal has always proven useful and effective for me. My husky mix has an extremely dense coat and her hair gets worked into my car seats frequently. If this tutorial works for us it will work for anyone.

​Tell us what you think in the comments and share your experiences. Please like and share this article if you like it. Good luck getting rid of that annoying dog hair and preventing its return.


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