How to Get Your Dog to Stop Whining?

Does your dog whine constantly? Is his whining starting to get worse or become an annoyance? If so, then this article may be for you. Whining is just one of the many ways that your dog tries to communicate. So, how to get your dog to stop whining?

Dogs usually whine when they are nervous, excited, or when they are trying to make their owners happy. While some whining in these situations are normal, excessive whining can lead to a poor relationship with your dog. No one wants to be whined at ALL THE TIME. I have had issues with overly-whiney dogs in the past and I am bringing my experience to you.


What You Will Need

  • Time. Just like humans, dogs will not get past a bad habit overnight. It will take time to correct the behavior so you both can have relief.
  • Patience. It will take patience to make your dog stop his whining behavior. If you are getting too frustrated or inconsistent with your dogs training, it may worsen the whining problem.
  • Attention. Most dogs need a large amount of love and attention to be happy. When your dog is in high spirits, they will be more susceptible to forming positive habits.

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Whining

Method One: Positive Reinforcement

Step One: Ignore Bad Behavior

ignore bad behavior of your dog

Dogs can be a little like children sometimes. When a child is throwing a fit, it is best to just ignore it until they stop. This idea also applies to dogs. Ignoring bad behavior will teach your dog that their whining will do them no good.

When your dog starts on one of his usual whining fits, you must ignore it. You can turn your back, walk away, walk out of the room, or even step outside. Continue ignoring your dog until they stop whining.

Whatever you do, don’t yell at your dog when they whine. This will show them that they can get a response from you with their poor behavior. This can also make your dog more anxious, worsening the whining.

Step Two: Reward Your Dog When He Is Quiet

Reward Your Dog When He Is Quiet

The best kind of reinforcement is positive reinforcement! You should only reward an excessive whiner when they are being quiet. This way they know that nothing good comes from whining and that you do not acknowledge that behavior.

You can use this step at the same time as step one. Ignore your dog until they stop whining and then when they are quiet for a few seconds, give them a treat. You can also “catch” your dog when they are being quiet at random times throughout the day.

In time, your dog will learn how to stop their whining. Don’t use just treats! Also be sure to give your dog lots of praise when they are being nice and quiet. Dogs love to please their owners.

Step Three: Teach Your Dog Commands

show your dog commands

Teach your dog basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “stay.” This will teach your dog confidence and restraint. As I said before, dogs love to please their owners. A well-trained dog is a happy dog and a happy dog is less likely to excessively whine.

You should also have your dog respond to a command before you give them attention. This gives them time to think and react without getting too excited. If your dog is darting towards you with excitement, tell them to “sit” before you give them love. This will teach them to be calm or they won’t get what they want.

Step Four: Increase Time In-Between Treats

time between receive treats

Dogs are way more intelligent than most people give them credit for. Eventually, they will learn that when they are quiet they will get a treat. Some dogs will wait for their treat to continue their bad behavior.

The time you expect your dog to be quiet before receiving a treat should increase over time. This way your dog will eventually learn that they have to be good ALL of the time in order to receive treats. As always, be sure to use praise to let your dog know you are pleased with them.

Step Five: Be Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to training a dog. Make your rules about whining and stick to them. Your dog should always know what to expect when it comes to treats and attention. What they should and should not do should always be fresh on their minds.

If you don’t stick you your training regime, your dog will never know if they will get away with their bad behavior. Dogs (especially puppies) tend to misbehave if they think there is a chance they can get away with it.

Method Two: Hire a Dog Trainer

If money is no object and you want the quickest results possible, hiring a professional dog trainer may be your best bet. They are trained to know how dogs think and what training methods work best. They can also teach you how to maintain your trained dog once finished.

Dog trainers usually work hand-in-hand with owners so as to make the dogs training a long term commitment. Those who struggle with the patience to personally train their dog can also benefit from professional trainers.

I know when I was working full time with two children, I really did not have the time to train my dog and be consistent about it. Dog trainers have nothing but time for the dogs they train. Their love for dogs has turned into a profession!

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Share this tutorial with friends and through social media especially to those who own dogs. I am speaking from personal experience and research in this article.

Feel free to do your own research and find the best way to get your dog to stop whining.

I know the training steps above really helped me when my dog went through and excessive whining phase. I lost sleep and gained so much frustration until I finally trained my dog. You too can get relief from that terrible sound with patience, training, and time.

Please leave us a comment if you have any questions! We also love to hear our reader’s opinion on the article or any other helpful information.


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