How To Groom Your Dog At Home The Most Safely?

All over the world, the only pet that is common to all types of people is a dog. Other than being a pet, a dog can also be a security animal keeping its owner's home secure from any kind of intrusions. A dog must therefore be well taken care of and understood to make sure both the dog's owner and the dog benefit mutually from each other.

Failure to groom your dog may be sometimes very disastrous as it may lead to your dog contracting diseases, running away from home to look for a better place, being so noisy through endless barking and many other problems may arise too. To avoid any kind of problem, you should have enough knowledge on how to groom your dog at home and keep your dog clean and tidy all the time.


Sometimes, we, the dog owners ask ourselves these questions: How do I cut my dog's nails? How do I control my dog's hair growth? How often should I groom my dog? And all kinds of questions concerning the dog cleanliness.

Dogs are animals just like us according to science, and mammals for that matter which we are too. Just because they walk on fours doesn't mean they don't have emotions too. They do feel sad, they do get angry, they do love their families and they are similar to us in so many ways.

When they are kept untidy, they are invaded by parasites and diseases which the owner may not be able to notice instantly. I will therefore take you through a tutorial on how to groom your dog at home.

What You Need For This Exercise

1. Shampoo

2. Water

water for grooming

3. Comb

4. Scissors

5. Dog clippers

6. Brush

7. A towel

8. Hair dryer

9. Slicker brush

10. Guillotine nail clippers

Guillotine Nail Clipper for Grooming


When choosing clippers, make sure you choose the quietest clippers just in case your dog doesn't like noises.

When it comes to shampoo, you should know that some shampoos contain ingredients that may irritate your dog's skin or eyes and these are mostly shampoos with artificial dyes and fragrance. You should use shampoos with the natural fragrance of eucalyptus and lavender. The ingredients used on a shampoo will be indicated on the bottle and you should take a keen look on them.

Steps To Follow

1. Clean Your Dog

You should make sure your dog is completely clean before you start clipping it. You should start by applying your shampoo on the dog's fur, then scrub him gently making sure you clean every part of the dog's body including the areas between his paws. Washing the dog first before you clip him will ensure there are no tangles on his fur that may make clipping difficult and painful to your dog. After cleaning your dog, you can wipe him with a towel and then dry him with the hair dryer and be careful not to burn him.

2. Brush His Hair

After you have dried your dog, use your comb to brush his fur in the direction of growth as this will give you a clear direction of the growth and it will make it easier for you to follow your clipping pattern.

3. Start Clipping from The Neck

In this step, make sure your dog is standing upright, then hold him to avoid any kind of movement during clipping because in case of any sudden motion the dog may end up being injured by the clipper. Before you start shaving, you should have a picture of how you want your dog to look like and use an appropriate clipper gauge to avoid leaving your dog with an annoyingly bare skin.

You should start clipping your dog from the neck and move the clippers in the direction of hair growth. You should not push the clippers too fast to avoid leaving lines on your dog's body.

As you shave, you should constantly turn off your clippers and touch them to test their temperature as they may get too hot and burn your dog. If the clippers get hot, you can either switch onto another clipper, spray your clipper with a coolant or change the clipper blades to cooler ones.

First, clip one side of the dog through the back side then start clipping the other side slowly. Lift your dog a little bit to shave his belly and continue shaving through the upper side of his legs too.

4. Use The Scissors And The Slicker Brush On the Dog's Head And Paws.

It's impossible to clip the paws using the clipper so what you will need to do is to brush the dog's hair on the feet against its growth and this will leave it standing still. Then use your scissors to cut the upright hair. Does not point the scissors towards the dog's paws. Cut the excess hair around the dog's paws and make sure you are holding your dog's leg tightly as this may tickle. Use the same method on the head too, trimming the hair on the head to your desirable height.

5. Cutting Your Dogs Nails

Use the guillotine nail clippers to cut the dog's nails. Cut them up to 2mm away from the quick(blood vessels and nerves that supply the nail). If your dog has dark nails, it might be difficult to identify where the quick is and in this case, you should try shining a bright torch through the nails towards you to make the quick visible. You can also use baby oil or try looking on the underside of the nail as the quick is more visible from below.

You should start grooming your dog as a puppy so as to make it used to the exercise and this will make it easier for you to groom it and make it more comfortable when it's being groomed.

Dogs need to be clean too and they should feel fresh all the time. Sometimes it may be so costly to take your dog to a professional for grooming and besides if you can do it yourself, that will save you lots of money. Grooming your own dog will also create a stronger bond between you and your pet.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that it helps you to get the impression you want from your dog. I would really appreciate if you left your comments concerning this tutorial. If you liked it, feel free to share to others too.


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