Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe For Dogs? Top FAQs You Need To Know Before You Apply

These days, there is a rising trend to look for natural remedies for the health of our pet. Human access to "essential oils" is getting popularity; therefore it is not a shock that people happen to be attempting to use essential oils on their dog companions too, as natural options to numerous physical ailments. Is eucalyptus oil safe for dogs? Your answer depends on a number of things.


On the subject of the usage of essential oils intended for any type of therapeutic or medical use, lots of discussions and confusion have a tendency to surface. Not to mention, essential oils tend to be natural chemical aspects of plants which are extracted via distillation. They're concentrated extremely and also using them generally requires blending some drops with one more carrier substance, such as olive oil as an example.

Essential oils of various kinds include numerous properties and benefits, for instance, they can be immune-stimulant, expectorant, sedative, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, etc. It is extremely vital that you remember that dogs may be more delicate to the essential oils compared to humans; therefore it is essential to use the essential oils quite carefully with the pets, constantly under the assistance of veterinarian of your pet.

Can Eucalyptus Oil Be Great For Dogs?

Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe For Dogs

Not forgetting, eucalyptus oil for dogs is good but under the proper way of usage. It is very crucial to know that the essential oil can't be used devoid of diluting them. The eucalyptus oil isn't exclusion to this principle either. In case you wish to use the "eucalyptus oil" on the dog, and then make sure that you follow the vet’s advice and the instructions of the product.

You will find oils which are diluted already. There are additionally sprays and shampoos which have a secure dilution of the "eucalyptus-oil" in them. Utilizing eucalyptus oil may be an extremely effective solution to get rid of fleas and some other parasites, and it is also an excellent way to relieve the cough of your dog without needing toxic medications, bug sprays and repellents that can possibly harm the dog. Here’s a short video for you.

Risks/Dangers Of Using The "Eucalyptus Oil" On Dog

The "essential oils" are extremely concentrated extracts coming from plants. All these extracts originate from chemical substances of the plant that acts as the defense system. These similar chemical substances have a number of therapeutic and healing properties based on plant.

In spite of being organic substances, the essential oils always must be utilized with precaution, particularly around animals that are more delicate to smells. Deciding whether or not the "eucalyptus-oil" is risk-free for dogs is dependent significantly on the standard of oil, the method it is used, and specific kind of the eucalyptus oil you have purchased.

A few adverse reactions of use of the eucalyptus oil are usually:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Shallow and rapid breathing
  • Muscle weakness
  • Drowsiness
  • Seizures
  • Liver damage

If your dog includes any of such symptoms, then you should take her or him to the veterinarian instantly. Eucalyptus oil isn't suggested to utilize on the puppies and pregnant dogs due to its stimulating properties.

Therefore, Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe For Dogs?

Is "Eucalyptus Oil" Secure For The Dogs?

The appropriate type of the eucalyptus oil may be very advantageous to dogs. Given that you are using the "Eucalyptus-Radiata" under proper administration and dosage after that your pet must not have any kind of side effects unless they show a particular sensitivity to this. The symptoms stated earlier can be also present because of accidental intake or improper dosage/administration of oil.

Also, it is simple to use wrong type on eucalyptus; consequently you should usually read the packaging before buying a product. All these poisonous side effects can also occur while oil is utilized too often.

How Can I Use The "Eucalyptus Oil" For My Dog?

The measured and occasional use of the eucalyptus oil may replace poisonous pest repellents as well as cough suppressants. Take into account that I'm not a veterinarian, and you ought to always ensure that you seek advice from your vet before utilizing any type of "essential-oil" on the dog. The holistic vets are increasing and they can be most suitable to offer you the most effective advice on the way to use any particular oil on the dog.

The producer of the essential oils "Young-Living" informs us that size of the animal affects the quantity of the oil you ought to use on him or her. They offer some guidelines listed below:

  • For smaller pets like small dogs and cats, use 4-6 drops. You should definitel​​​​​y dilute 80% - 90% before application (for instance, for every One drop of the oil, use 5-6 drops of the diluting agent, like V-6 Vegetable-Oil Complex).
  • On the other hand, for larger pets, such as large dogs, begin with 2 to 5 drops. Unless indicated on product label, the dilution is unneeded.”


Last but not the least, the tips and FAQs mentioned in this post will help you to a great extent definitely. Make sure that you always keep all the important things in mind before you use eucalyptus oil for dogs. Not to mention, you must seek advice from your vet so that the process can be safe and smooth.

If you look for my own advice, then I will recommend John Paul eucalyptus oil for dogs. It is best for your dog and most often recommended by vets.

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