Is Neosporin Safe For Dogs – Discover The Best FAQs Now!

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on utilizing Neosporin on the dogs. Is Neosporin safe for dogs? Well, we will provide you with the information which you require about utilizing this famous "antibiotic-ointment" on your dog.

We will look at exactly what is Neosporin, when to make use of it and exactly how it will work.

We’re going to assist you to comprehend the appropriate dosage for the dog, and the way to identify potential risks.

This post is designed to advise the owners and isn't an alternative to vet advice. We suggest you to get in touch with your vet if you get any concerns relating to the health of your dog.


Neosporin - What Is It?

Neosporin, created by "Johnson-and-Johnson", has existed since 1950's. This is a popular brand triple "antibiotic" ointment which is bought OTC without any prescription.

On the other hand, “triple” is actually a mention of the 3 antibiotic agents present in the particular product; Polymyxin B, Neomycin and Bacitracin.

Neosporin is utilized on the minor skin accidents such as small burns, scrapes, and cuts. It assists prevent bacteria getting into the wound, and also speed the process of healing up.

Is Neosporin Harmless For Dogs?

The Neosporin is designed for an external use on the human skin, therefore the question “Is it possible to use Neosporin on the dog?” is frequently asked by worried dog masters.

The reply is of course; you can easily use the Neosporin on canine wounds which are minor. Make use of Neosporin on the dogs for slightest of the scrapes, used to clean the skin in light coat only for a few days.

However, you can find implications which owners must be conscious of whenever using the Neosporin on canines. So although you can utilize it, the reply to the query "can you use Neosporin on dogs" is not quite so simple.

Is Neosporin Harmful To Dogs?

The dogs are better known to lick their wounds. So is Neosporin harmless for canines to eat? Simply no! It is not.

The ointments, for example, Neosporin could be toxic in case ingested by canines, particularly in a large amount.

Using Neosporin on canine wounds helps the process of healing, but the goal is defeated in case your canine licks ointment as this can be harmful to his well-being and health.

Also, owners should take care while applying the Neosporin on them as well, ensuring that they don't allow their canines to lick this off them.

Things To Take Into Account!

Vaccination is definitely the only method to deal with rabies, however even if the canine is vaccinated, it is best to take the dogs to the veterinarian immediately if they are injured by rabid animal.

Canines that have been subjected to rabies must be quarantined as well as supervised for a week at least to make sure that symptoms don't develop.

Additionally, Neosporin is not harmless for ear or eye infections. Unless the vet has provided you specific instructions to use Neosporin close to the eye, stay away from antibiotic ointments for an easy saline solution. However, this drug must not be used to surgical wounds or stitches either.

How To Handle It If The Doggy Licked Neosporin?

You may ask, "My canine ate Neosporin!" Now, what should I do? Well, the "Pet-Poison-Hotline" says that in case a dog eats sufficient Neosporin to be poisonous, he may reveal symptoms which vary from moderate to severe, based on the quantity ingested, and also the age, weight, and size of the canine.

If your canine has licked the Neosporin, then you should check out for signs for example seizures, possibly, skin lesions, drooling, tremors, lack of hunger, vomiting, and diarrhea. Contact your veterinarian instantly if he shows any of above-mentioned symptoms.

When To Stay Away From Using Neosporin?

Sometimes, you might not have to use the antibiotic in any way. These include:

  • If the injury is very shallow and doesn't appear to be disturbing your dog.
  • If the injury is pretty deep, heavily bleeding, or is quite severe.
  • When the canine is expecting a baby or yet nursing pups, you should seek advice from a vet before utilizing the ointment.

Testing For The Allergies!

Not to mention, Neosporin on dogs always should be used as a little patch test to check out possible allergy symptoms. Here's how you can do it:

  • Choose a little area and then spread a little dab of the Neosporin.
  • Look at the area for minor hives, redness or rashes.
  • Side effects could include vomiting, loss of hunger or upset stomach.

More serious and rare reactions involve trouble breathing, liver damage. Take your canine to a veterinarian immediately if it happens.


Last but not least, using Neosporin on very little cut is alright perfectly. However, you need to ensure to cover this up with bandage or provide your dog a cone, for ensuring and preventing them from always licking the injury along with Neosporin, as it is poisonous when eaten.

Bear in mind, dogs with severe wounds, heavy bleeding and scabs should be hurried to a professional vet immediately. These kinds of cases need immediate expert care, and also no topical lotion is going to be of great help.

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