will the mini goldendoodle fit your home?

Why The Mini Goldendoodle Is The Right Dog For You

I am a dog lover. For me, it doesn’t matter if they are big, small, mean, young, or old, I simply cannot get enough of dogs. Others do not feel the same. For some people, finding the right dog can be hard.

There are so many different aspects that can affect how you feel about some dogs. Do you have kids? Are you always working and not have the time to take care of a dog? Does dog hair bother you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Mini Goldendoodle will fit right at home with you.


Don’t Have Time for Puppy Maintenance?

Do you like a dog with low maintenance

Choosing a dog can be tough, especially if you work often. You will likely want to choose a dog that is low maintenance and doesn’t require much care taking. If so, the black Goldendoodle should be a prime option for you.

Imagine getting a litter of mini golden puppies. The amount of adorableness might be too much to bear. But, you can feel comfortable while working knowing that your puppies are safe at home. Are you worried about the kids being alone with your precious teacup Goldendoodle? You shouldn’t be.

Puppies and Children: A 101

puppies and kids are friends

Kids are unique in their own little way. They can be rough and ferocious one second and scared for their lives the next. Dogs only help to induce this feeling. Just like kids, dogs can also be rough and ferocious and then completely become scared for their lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying your kids are animals. In fact, most kids are afraid of animals. That fact alone can deter you away from getting a dog. When it comes to the mini Goldendoodle, however, you can expect to see both child and dog behaving.

Whether you get a chocolate or white Goldendoodle, the results are the same. A loving connection between your child and your dog. The Mini Goldendoodle is perfect for children. Having the energy to keep up with them is one thing, but they is also very playful around kids.

I Like a Clean House, Dogs Think Differently

goldendoodle is a small breed

For somebody who hates to eat and see dog hair floating around my food, I can understand the need for a dog that doesn’t shed. The Goldendoodle is a small dog with short hair. They barely have any hair to shed.

If you don’t believe me and still think a regular red Goldendoodle is not small enough, try getting a teacup Goldendoodle. They are exactly as the name implies, a teacup sized dog. Besides being the cutest thing on this earth, the teacup Goldendoodle is small enough to keep your house from being overrun by dog hair.

Most Dogs Don’t Listen to Me

facts about the Goldendoodle

Behavior is a major issue for some when choosing a dog. You might be the person who remembers your childhood pet peeing everywhere and always disobeying your parents. Well, let’s discuss a few facts about the Goldendoodle breed.

  • Firstly, the Goldendoodle is a breed of very intelligent and obedient dogs. In fact, some Goldendoodles act as guide dogs for their owners.
  • Loyalty means a lot to the Goldendoodle breed. They are compassionate and loving. Listening to you and staying on your good side mean the world to them.
  • Because the intelligence level is so high with this dog breed, they learn very quickly. Teaching with positive reinforcement will build trust and make training them a whole lot easier.
  • Goldendoodle’s are the offspring of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Golden retrievers are often linked to their ability to learn quickly while poodles are very affectionate. This means it is in their blood to behave.

Check out how positive reinforcement is used with George, a trained Goldendoodle:

​The Ultimate Mini Goldendoodle Dog Manual

Are Mini Goldendoodle’s Perfect?

Nothing is this world is perfect. There are a couple of reasons why the mini Goldendoodle might not be the right dog for you. If you are the person who works a lot, do not expect your Goldendoodle to be guarding your house while you are gone. Because of their affectionate nature, miniature Goldendoodle’s are timid.

They are house dogs. They love to be close to you but they are not bothersome. If you do not want an inside dog, then the Goldendoodle is not for you. It is okay to have a spacious yard for them to roam, but they are the happiest when they are with you inside.

Is the Mini Goldendoodle Right for You?

goldendoodie is right for you

For first-time dog owners, you cannot go wrong with choosing a mini Goldendoodle. They do not shed a lot for anyone who hates dog hair or may be allergic. Their ability to work well with children is marvelous.

If you lack the time to properly care for a dog, then choosing a Goldendoodle is your best option. With low maintenance and high intelligence, both training and care are easy to accomplish. If you want an inside dog that is affectionate and smart, then the Goldendoodle breeder is the right dog for you.

Have any questions or want to know more info about the miniature Goldendoodle to make sure it is the right dog for you? Comment down below and I will do my best to answer your questions!





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