Why Are Organic Dog Treats Good For Your Dog?

Why choose organic dog treats? Does your dog have tummy issues or food allergies? Perhaps you just want to provide your dog with a nutritious treat option?

Whatever reason you have, the choice to give your dog organic dog treats is a good one. Dogs are not just pets, they are members of the family and they deserve the best. Here is what you should know when buying organic dog treats.


Most Store Bought Dog Treats Are Unhealthy

Unfortunately, the only promise typical store bought dog treats offer is good taste. It is true that dogs love most any brand of these treats. The reason for this is the high concentration of fat and salt. Some common and harmful aspects of these treats are:

  • 1. Dyes
  • 2. Salt
  • 3. Filers

Many dog treats (especially the ones advertising meat or bacon flavor) use harmful red dyes such as Red 3 or Red 40. These are poisonous and can be directly linked to cancer and stomach issues. If you feed your dog these treats and find that they have diarrhea or constipation issues, this red dye could likely be the culprit.

The only reason it is an ingredient at all is that it is cheap to produce and bulks up the treats. Flavorings can be easily added to these ingredients to make a tasty (and terribly unhealthy) dog treats.

Rawhides and Soft Chew Treats

It is sadly not common knowledge that these kinds of dog treats can be so harmful to your dog. Take a look at this brief list of the nasty effects of these treats.

1. Teeth Issue

Raw hides have zero nutritional value and often scrape your dog’s gums. Some pet owners think that these treats clean their dog’s teeth. This is a dead wrong idea. Dogs who chew rawhide treats often are more likely to have gingivitis and tooth loss as they age.

Soft chew treats become sticky when chewed and clings to your dog’s teeth and gums. Pieces of these treats can also become lodged in-between the teeth causing gum disease and cavities.

dog chews rawhide treats

Source Petmd.com

2. Choking

This danger is especially prevalent in small dogs. When the rawhide is softened by chewing, it can tear into small pieces. Dogs usually don't just chew rawhide; they try to eat it. When these pieces break, they can be lodged in the dog’s throat causing him to choke.

3. Stomach Problems

These small pieces can also cause stomach and intestinal issues. Rawhide is basically leather. When this material builds up in the intestines, it can cause bowel obstruction or perforation.

stomach problem from rawhides

For more information about harmful dog treats, follow this link

Organic Dog Treats Options

There are many products out there to choose from that can be a healthy treat for your dog. Here is a list of my personal favorites.

  • Make Your Own! I sometimes like to bake my own organic dog treats. This way I know exactly what is going into my dog’s tummy. I choose only organic ingredients and it doesn’t take long at all to complete. Here is a video I find helpful when making my own dog treats.
  • Plato Pet Treats: Organic Chicken. I love this organic treat option and so does my dog. It uses only organic chicken with no fillers or harmful ingredients. You get the organic quality without sacrificing taste.

Plato Pet Treats Organic Chicken

  • Castor and Pollux Organix Chicken Flavored Dog Cookies. This is another great organic dog treat option when I don't have the time to bake my own. These crunchy, chicken flavored dog cookies taste great and use only wholesome ingredients. Best of all they only use chicken, no fillers like corn or soy.

Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken Flavored Dog Cookies


Now that you know all you need to know about the harmful effects of inorganic dog treats, you can easily find a wholesome treat option for your pet. Don’t forget to check out the link to Organic Chicken. My dogs really love them and I love the peace of mind that comes with them.

I hope you loved this article and please leave questions in the comments if you have any. Whether you make your own or buy organic, thank you for looking out for the health of your well-loved dog!





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