What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Pomsky?

A Pomeranian Husky, also known as a Pomsky, is indeed a very cute new dog breed that people are going crazy about. Because of the natural beauty that comes with huskies, many dog lovers are curious to know more about them. But the big question is: do you have what it takes to own a Pomsky? This article will answer your question.


​Facts About The Pomsky

Facts about pomsky

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​Vital Statistics

A Pomeranian Husky may live up to 13 years or even up to 15 years if they are lucky. Both males and females measure 25 to 38 cm in size and they weigh around 9 to 13 kg.

When it comes to their coat, they may have double coat, wavy, soft or fluffy coat. Concerns for health may include bouts of eye problems, epilepsy, collapsed trachea, allergies and dental problems.

​Behavior Issues

If you are not very good or confident about handling a dog with behavioral issues such as stubbornness or being pushy then the Pomsky might not be for you. Since a Pomeranian Husky typically inherits whatever their parents act like, you should be aware that these cute and hyperactive dogs require a lot of attention span and patience to train.

On an added note: if you have kids around the house then Pomskies might not be ideal for you. This is because the Pomeranian father is already not good with kids and they will likely pass this onto their pups, which in turn, might become aggressive towards your children.

However, it still depends on the behavioral capacity of the parent dogs. If your puppy training skills pay off, you may end up with a Pomsky that is kid-friendly. The playful video below demonstrates how much fun little Pomsky puppies are having.

Giving your Pomsky an early training period reduces the risk of the behavioral stubbornness. If you’re having trouble with this, you can eagerly consult a dog trainer to alleviate your worries. Here is a nice training video of a Pomeranian Husky being taught how to sit, down and stay (basic commands).

​Food And Diet

Because a Pomeranian Husky can be a hyperactive dog, you should provide them with dry kibble that is of high quality. We strongly recommend the Kibbles'n Bits Mini Dry Dog Food, which is specifically made for small breeds like the Pomsky.

Available in various bag sizes, it has a ton of protein (21%) for strong muscles, calcium (1%) for strong bones and many other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A for good eyesight, vitamin D for a healthier coat and zinc for immunity.

Kibbles 'n Bits Original Dry Dog Food

Your dog will really like the taste of chicken and savory beef, especially that this breed requires a lot of energy to play and be active. Because they are small-sized bits, they are easy to feed to your small canine friend.

​Exercise And Training

Because this breed is a very hyperactive dog, you will need to take him or her out for a walk or out in the yard for longer periods of time. People with large yards will feel at ease because your Pomsky can run around without hesitation. A walk in the park or a brisk jog with your canine friend will help, such as the video below.

​Grooming And Hygiene

Different Pomskies may have various coat types so it is up to you how often you want to bathe him. If you groom your pet at home, you can go for a regular blow dryer - just make sure it is on the cool setting to avoid discomforting your pet. Force velocity dryers from grooming shops will also do just fine. A slicker brush or a wide tooth comb would be the best to comb your puppy with.

​How Much Do I Need To Spend?

A Pomsky will range somewhere from $1,000 up to $5,500 depending on the pedigree of the parent Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. Needless to say, this breed is one of those high-end dog breeds that will require a lot of budget. This is because you also need to prepare about $2,000 a year for the annual expenses, both medical and non-medical combined. But hey, that's the price you get for cute and energetic dogs, right?


As a whole, we think you’ll love a Pomsky if your goal is to have adorable and energetic dogs and are willing to spend a price for them. As a wrap-up:

  • They may be temperamental but can be trained properly.
  • Dry kibble such as the Kibbles'n Bits Mini Dry Dog Food may be fed to them.
  • Exercise or take your pomsky for a walk to avoid aggressiveness.
  • Grooming depends on the coat type.
  • Prepare a good budget for them, especially for maintenance.

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