what do you need to know before getting Rottweiler puppies

What You Need To Know Before Getting Rottweiler Puppies

Dog’s are man’s best friend, and it is no wonder that they are the most popular pet to own in the United States. Dogs are a lot of work, but any dog owner will tell you, they are just part of the family.

From the petite chihuahua to the noble Great Dane, it may be a little overwhelming when trying to find the right dog for you. There are countless breeds to choose from, all with their own unique personalities and characteristics.

Every year, many people choose to get Rottweiler puppies. If you are one of these people, you may be wondering what you should expect from your Rottweiler puppies.


Why A Rottweiler?

Breed Information

Life Expectancy

8-11 years


110-130 pounds for male

77-110 pounds for female


24-27 inches for male

22-25 inches for female

According to the American Kennel Club, Rottweilers are one of the top 10 most popular dog breeds, and have been steadily rising on the list these last few years. It’s easy to see why these dogs have remained one of the more popular breeds over the years.

This powerful breed is intelligent, sturdy, and inherently protective. They have the kind of robust stature you would look for in a guard dog, but a personality fit for a family. While they are definitely loyal and loving, it is important you know a little bit about how to take care of Rottweiler puppies.

Energy Levels

Rotties require a decent amount of exercise

Rotties have great personalities, but require a decent amount of exercise. Hailing for herding dogs in Germany, they are classified as a “working breed”. Their ancestors used to help out on farms and even act as protectors.

Even today, some of them act as herding or police dog. They love to help people and have been for nearly 100 years officially. This doesn’t mean they don’t make awesome house pets, though. However, many of these traits that made them desirable as work dogs linger in our Rotties today.

For one thing, they are not a lazy breed. They do require exercise twice a day and have a decent level of energy. You can expect that Rottweiler puppies especially will need to run around and work out quite a bit.

Rottweiler puppies may be fine in a larger apartment as long as they get walks twice daily. When they are grown to their full size, however, they would be a lot happier in a larger living space with a yard. Your Rottweiler will be eager for walks and always up to play!

Make sure they get the exercise they need, or they may have to find another way to keep themselves occupies. Their need for energy can be channeled into wreaking havoc in your house out of frustration.


they're a smart breed

Rottweilers are a very smart breed that require mental stimulation. Just like any other dog (and especially puppies), Rottweilers may turn to chewing on shoes if they get bored.

Because they are so smart, you can imagine that Rottweiler puppies get into some fair share of trouble in their early days. You have to make sure to keep an eye on them, because they sometimes manage to get their paws on something, even when it’s out of reach.

What’s good about their personality with this is that Rottweilers are not known for being stubborn. They are very loyal and are known to be easier to train than some of the other “smarter” breeds. This means that your Rottweiler puppy has a high level of trainability!


Rotties's trainablity

You can expect that it won’t be too long before your Rottweiler puppies has the basics down. Before you know it, they’ll learn tons of cool tricks! Just check out this three-month-old Rottweiler puppy! Being easy to train also translates to fast housebreaking and learning to play gently.

They often have no problem around other dogs and even children -although it is important to remember that you should always supervise first encounters. While their intentions may be good, the hefty stature of even the Rottweiler puppy can lead to accidental injuries.


Like many other huskier breeds, the Rottweiler tends to be a dog that just doesn’t know their own size. Once they get older though, they learn how to manage this are as friendly as they come. It is not uncommon for them to star in videos playing nicely with infants or even rabbits!

While they like to make lots of friends, they aren’t too keen on strangers. They tend to be more reserved when then don’t know someone. Don’t be surprised when your hyperactive and affection puppy gets a little shy the first time your friend comes over. They just need some time to warm up a bit!

​The Rottweiler (Terra-Nova)

Are You Ready?

just remember a few thing about rottweiler puppies

Whether you are looking for a police dog or a canine companion, it may be time you invest in getting your own Rottweiler puppies. This powerful breed has been popular for a long time with good reason!

Great personalities and a strong stature make them the perfect family dog to love and protect every member of your household. You just have to remember a few key things!

  • Rottweilers are a larger breed and ultimately need some space.
  • Rottweiler puppies tend to be energetic and require lots of energy and attention.
  • Rotties are a rather intelligent breed and are easily trained.
  • They have great personalities, but tend to be shy with strangers.
  • They are one of the most popular breeds in the United States -and for good reason!

If you have any questions or concerns about getting a Rottweiler, feel free to comment below.




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