What Is A Self-Service Dog Wash? What You Should Know

What is a self-service dog wash? Does your dog tend to make a huge mess when bathing? Or maybe you don't have the tools you need to properly groom your dog. Either way, a self-service dog was may be of great use to you.

A self-service dog wash is a facility in which you bring your dog and bath him using professional grooming tools. I decided to write a quick summary of why I love self-service dog washes and why you should too.


Grooming Time Anxiety And Your Dog

It is very common for your dog to get nervous when it comes to bath time. Many dogs do not like baths, I know my dog runs and hides when I announce that it is bath time. I find that the excitement of taking a car ride to the self-serving dog wash helps soothe her anxiety.

​Bath time anxiety can be made worse when you leave your dog alone with a professional groomer. Your dog is being scrubbed, brushed, and trimmed by a total stranger so it is no wonder why they may end up being nervous. How would you like being strapped to a table and bathed by someone you don’t know?

​Instead of leaving your dog alone with a groomer, a self-service dog wash allows you to be your own dog groomer. No one knows your dog quite like you do. You know his temperament, what he likes or doesn't like, and the condition of his skin. You are more qualified to groom your dog than anyone.

​The Perks Of A Self-Service Dog Wash

  • There are many tools at your disposal. There are tubs, showerheads, scrubbing tools, various shampoos, conditioners, clippers and more available in a self-service dog wash. This is much easier than washing your dog in your own bath tub.
  • ​Professional groomers are available to help you. If you run into any problems or have any questions about grooming your dog, you can just ask one of the trained professionals on staff. These professional groomers know things that you might not, like how to care for different coats of different breeds.
  • ​You don’t have to worry about clean-up. This is one of my favorite parts about a self-service dog wash. I know my husky-mix can be very excitable and extremely messy when it comes to bath time. Staff on-hand is there to take care of it all once you are done. All you have to worry about is getting your pooch squeaky clean.
  • ​You stay clean as well. Most self-service dog washes provide aprons, towels, and gloves to protect you from the mess. I know that I usually end up needing a shower when I bath my dog at home. Between getting splashed with dirty water and my dog shaking off her wet fur on me, I pretty much always end bath time smelling like a dirty dog.

​It is nice to be able to leave a facility with BOTH of us clean instead of just one. These facilities usually have hair dryers on hand also so you don’t fill your car up with the dreaded wet dog smell.

Here is a helpful video to show what a self-service dog wash is like.

Is This Service Expensive?

The answer to this question is yes and no. While you may spend a considerable amount of money if you use this service for every bath, you will still be spending much less than paying someone else to do it. Professional groomers can be quite costly, especially if they come to your home.

​One way you save money using these facilities is that you don’t have to buy any of your own products. The only tool you have to provide is your hands. If you have an indoor dog, you probably won’t need to bathe them as often as you might an outdoor or working dog.

​Overall, a self-serving dog wash is an innovative addition to your dog care routine. Many dog owners are not even aware of its existence and are robbed of the convenience. Thanks to this concept, you can be your dog very own “professional” groomer. self-service dog washes are available in many cities so find the right one for your dog’s next bath.




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