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16 Quick Tips On Making Space For Your Dog

It is undeniable that once you bring a furry friend into your home, they practically become family to you. Just like for any new member in the family, you would want to create a comfortable environment for your dog. However, finding space and making it home for them might become confusing. So, here is a list of ways to create your dog’s own space to help you get started off.


1. Giving Them Their Own Dedicated Area

You can choose to give them an entire room or a section of your house. Nonetheless, giving them their own dedicated area has its perks. Such as, the areas in which they will spread dirt will be limited. While choosing which place to give them, make sure it is an open area and safe area.

2. Setting up a Barricade

Whether you are setting up dog gates for the house or training them to stay in and out of rooms, any form of boundaries is important. By setting boundaries in the house you could potentially save them from chewing up wires or other hazards.

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3. Stock Up on Supplies

Keep a fresh stock of dog food available in your home and make sure a water bowl is accessible for your dog at all times. A good trick is to feed your dog in the area you want it to stay in so they can have a positive association with it. This helps them accept those spots as their safe spaces.

4. Proper Facilitation

Set up a rack for things you will need on the go such as their leashes, portable water container, and wipes. This will make your life a lot easier.

5. Reduce Clutter

Dedicate spaces for everything in your house such as a toy box. You should also reduce the chances of your pet getting injured by furniture by utilizing wall space.

6. Keep a Piece of You With Them

There are many ways to create a happy place for your dog, one of which is leaving them with any of your old unwashed clothes. This will help reduce their anxiety.

7. Stress-Free Environment

Though dogs love looking at the outdoors, the constant sounds of traffic, airplanes, and people can aggravate them and stress them out. Hence, you could play soothing music to distract them from the city noise.

8. Get Them Toys

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Keep some durable chew toys or fun puzzle games for your dog to enjoy. Puzzle games such as treat balls will help develop your dog’s ability to solve problems and improve their patience.

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9. What Makes Them Comfortable?

Dogs, just like people, have their own personality. As you spend time with your pet, you will start understanding them and once you notice their quirks, incorporate them into their space. For example, some dogs might prefer sleeping in front of a door or only sleeping on towels.

10. Spread Out Dog Potty Pads

Lay around some dog potty pads around the area your dog will stay in. This will help make cleaning up easier, especially if your dog is new to your house.

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11. A Security System

Install surveillance cameras around your house. Even though you may have doggy proofed your house, there is still room for accidents.

12. Access To The Backyard

Allow your dog access to your backyard or a fenced outdoor area. Your canine companion might prefer the outdoors instead of staying inside the house all day.

13. More Than One Bed

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Having more than one dog bed around the house will help your pet understand which area it likes more. It will also let your dog feel more at home.

14. Tiles Over Carpets

When bringing in a new pet at home and creating space for them, you might want to consider tiles over carpeted flooring. Even the most well-trained dog is prone to make an accident or two and tile floors will help make cleaning up easier.

15. Separate Place For Potty

Even though your dog may even have its own room, it should have an entirely different space to do its business.

16. Train Your Pup

After setting up an entirely new place for your dog, you should start training them, preferably through an award system. You can train them to associate different areas with different activities so that way, your dog will know where to sleep and where to eat.

Final Thoughts

As with any new addition to our family, creating space in our home for a dog takes a lot of patience and practice. Hopefully, by using these tips you can create the perfect space for your dog.

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