Ways for Choosing the Best Dog Clothing

As a dog owner, it is mandatory to understand how one can choose the best dog clothing. Clothing is not only the dress and shoes that one gives them as a means to accessorize their pets and make them look fashionable and trendy, but is also about the health and safety of their fur. The clothes that one selects for their pet have to be safe along with being functional and comfortable.


This article is about how pet owners can choose the right clothing for their dogs. Many important points will be shared which helps in understanding what to look for the best dog clothing.

Finding The Right Dog Clothing

The most important part, in case pet owners do not know where to begin with and what kind of clothes to buy, is to consult a veterinarian. This is good from a health point of view for the pet dog as only an animal doctor can give proper direction. The veterinarian needs to know the dog’s health condition including its fur, breed, and other relevant details so as to inform the owner if any clothing may not be recommended. It may happen that someone is a new dog owner and unaware of things as such and this is helpful when it comes to buying the right clothes for your pet.

A pet owner might get carried away by the looks of clothes and should understand the requirements of the pet to make it feel comfortable. Additionally, it is also good to note that clothes vary for different seasons and one needs to know the fabric that the pet needs. Dog clothing and accessories are not only about the look but mostly about functionality and comfort which needs to be understood. Clothing that is too tight will show discomfort such as shortened range of motion or chaffing and if they are too loose, chances are there that the pet will trip off the clothing.

What To Look For In Choosing The Best Clothing For Dogs

Best Dog Clothing for your dog

You can follow this compiled list of pet clothing tips given below. This will ascertain the fact that all pet owners are henceforth able to select the best clothing for their dog. You can also find some in this dog clothing collection.

The basic pointers that one needs to keep in mind are:

  • Comfort
  • Material quality
  • Weave
  • Functional design
  • Ease of movement
  • Breathability
  • Fit
  • Ease of wear
  • Durability
  • Fabric quality
  • Maintenance
  • Style

Check The Fit

Dog owners must select something which won’t come off from the pet’s body, meaning something that is not very loose. Another factor to be considered is something that lets them breathe and does not rub their skin. This means that as an owner, one has to see clothes that are not too tight either. The clothes should just fit them perfectly and not suffocate them within. This is even more important when they are outside in the summer or winter.

For a perfect fit of the clothes, one needs a perfect measurement of the collar, length of the dog and the girth. The dimensions should be taken properly to give them something that properly fits them which is:

  • Collar - Measure the total circumference of the dog’s neck and add an extra 2 inches to it. Check by inserting two fingers in this space which should be comfortable for the dog.
  • Length of your dog – Here one has to measure the length of the dog’s back from the base of the neck and the tail’s base. In case the dog has a thick coat of fur or is on the chubby side, select something that is one size bigger for a perfect fit.
  • Girth - Measure the dog’s circumference from behind the front legs and this should be the deepest part.


Comfort entirely depends on the breed and build of the dog. What is suitable for one will necessarily not suit the other. There are many dogs needing acupressure treatment and pet owners can buy relevant clothing to give them the treatment. This tends to calm their nerves and rejuvenate the dogs which are very anxious. The variety of clothing is wide, and apart from buying the standard ones, pet owners should also look for customized clothing as per their needs and wants.

Material Quality

Knowing the quality of the clothing material is also important because no one wants to give their dog anything that is not suitable for the skin or health. Dog skin is more sensitive than human skin and this is the reason their body is covered with fur of different kinds, as per their breed. Pet owners have to maintain the fur and anything that is harsh on the skin should be avoided. This is why knowing the quality of materials used is also important.

Fabric Quality

Another factor that cannot be overlooked is the fabric that has been used for the clothing. Some dogs are regularly shaved and their skin needs a surface which is soothing and what better than an item of soft clothing which is skin-friendly. This is to ensure that they do not get any sort of infection either from the outside or from external components or from clothing. Ask your dog’s veterinarian what the elements are that can cause allergic reactions in their skin and those items should be avoided.

Dogs are playful animals and wherever they get space will play a lot, in case this happens outdoors then owners should make them wear something that they are comfortable in, unless the weather is suitable. This also helps that they do not get any kinds of injuries from any surface. Do not select anything that is not of good quality and if there are any doubts regarding any clothing material or fit, then do more research or find something better fit.

Other than shirts, collars, and outfits, look for shoes that will also give protection to their paws. For winters warm dog jackets and scarves are recommended and similarly for summers dog owners should look for hats and softer t-shirts.

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