how to stop my dog from licking my feet

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet? How To Stop This

After a long day at work when you finally get home you just want to kick back with your feet up and unwind, but your dog has other ideas. Does your dog disturb you by licking your feet, does your dog constantly sniff and hang around you, you’ve probably asked yourself, ‘why does my dog lick my feet?’ The most likely cause is you. A lot of dog owners have come across this problem and with this article you can find the solution.


Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?


When your dog licks your arm, face, or legs they are most likely seeking attention or affection, so simply denying your dog and ignoring his or her cries for attention can quickly put an end this annoying behavior. 

When your dog licks your feet they are hoping for any kind of reaction, so instead of yelling or scolding your dog simply get up and walk away, this will get your dog thinking that licking you doesn’t achieve what it desires.


Excessive dog licking can also be linked to health problems such as anxiety. Anxiety is commonly found within dogs that are left home alone for long periods of the day. They develop anxiety as they are denied the chance to expel their energy. If you are gone for most of the day with your dog left alone at home they will most likely develop separation anxiety. Any kind of anxiety can also see your dog partake in obsessive licking, and simply getting up and walking away will not fix this problem.

Instead you will have to relax and calm your dog down. There are multiple ways you can do this, one can be to take your dog to special swimming classes which are aimed at rehabilitation of anxious or frightened dogs. There is also an option to get your dog massaged to help it relax.

You can also help your dog relax by using artificial chemicals. You can buy certain products online that release chemicals that imitate pheromones that are released by a nursing mother dog. If you let your dog smell this during the day when you’re not there they will be a lot more relaxed during the day while alone and when you come home.


If your dog is still licking you after you’ve tried the first two methods the problem might be a lot simpler than first thought. Your dog might just like the taste of your sweat, a particular lotion you use, the soap you use or the taste of something that you wear, such as deodorizer or scented socks that you wear to stop your feet from smelling.

There is a chance that your dog just really likes the taste of this and is licking your feet purely for their benefit. The most obvious solution is to get rid of whatever you think your dog likes the taste of. You might have to change the type of lotion or body soap you use in the shower but it’s a small price to pay if you want your dog to stop licking your feet.

If you don’t want to change what you wear you can try wearing citrus based oils, lotions or simply just rubbing citrus on your feet. Most dogs are generally repelled by the taste of citrus as it is extremely strong for their powerful senses. If your dog is an exception and likes the taste of citrus you will have to reinforce the first two methods with variances.

General Play

Excessive licking can be found at the root of the problem and you can avoid your dog developing anxiety with ease once you learn how. Giving your dog enough exercise is a huge step in keeping your dog happy and healthy. If you simply don’t have enough time during your workdays to take your dog for a walk or to play some games there are people who can do that for you.

Dog walkers can be found in nearly any major city and although they can be expensive, the health of your dog should easily outweigh your budget for your dog. You can also give your dog plenty of toys to play with to keep it occupied and active while at home alone. There are new devices such as a remote controlled ball or chew bone that can connect to your phone so you can play with your dog while you relax.

​Sphero Orbotix 1B01RW1 Ollie App-Controlled Robot

Final Thoughts

With advancements in technology and services there are a multitude of answers available to help prevent or cure your dog from separation anxiety which further stops your dog from licking your feet. But if you already have this problem you can make a simple list such as the one below to help curb this annoying and disgusting behavior that your dog has attached itself to.

  • Take your dog to the vet and ask about separation anxiety (Your vet will determine whether your dog suffers anxiety or not).
  • Stop giving your dog rewards or attention when it licks you.
  • If your dog has anxiety, help it relax by taking it for a walk or by going swimming. (You will need to cure your dog’s anxiety before you can cure its excessive licking problem).
  • Hire a dog walker to keep your dog stimulated while you’re at work.
  • Give your dog plenty of exercise and toys to play with.
  • Change your soap or lotion.

Dogs are a man’s best friend so make sure you treat them like one. No one wants to see them suffer so give them the best they deserve and always put your dog first.


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