Work With Us

Previously mentioned, now, we focus on generating informative content. (We're going to open more prospects soon for collaboration down the road.)

To ensure the high quality of contents on our website, we accept the sponsored content only followed by our template.

You need to write a fresh article based on our template or samples as well as talk about your brand name in the article's body by directing a "link" back to your URL (on the condition that the URL seems sensible and related to the sponsored post).

 The price of being outlined from a fresh sponsored post is only 35$ (non-negotiable).

So Let Us Know:

  • Your topics, and list of the URLs you need to get a link back from sponsored post.

*Please note that we'll pick one URL only from your list that is the most appropriate for the sponsored post.

*We accept the URLs only of informative articles on your website! Please do not include promotional or commercial content.

  • The anchor text which you need to mention the URL in.

And Then We'll Discuss:

  • The topic we would write and its publication date.
  • Way for the payment

The Other Way

If the cost for the sponsored post is excessive, you can think about a "link placement" on my website, make sure you inform me which webpage you want to include a link and then send me your anchor text and destination URL.

Finally, I will get this off to our expert authors ASAP and send over 20$ invoice for a link placement.

Email: [email protected]